Rath lifestealing helix question

I’m wondering by how much does the lifestealing give for his mutation. One option is skills give 20%. Another is 11% for melee attacks, but by how much is the mutation one? It just says greatly increases and that’s it. Can anyone clarify thanks

I’ve done a ton of searching for that very answer, to no avail tho lol However personally i would always choose the 11% melee (right helix) As picking the mutation even if it was say iono 20% to melee, it removes all lifesteal from your skills. That includes your ult, and having lifesteal while in your ult is just OP.

Well u get 8% lifesteal standard. 10% with skills. That’s only a 3% buff to melee lifesteal if u choose the 11% helix and an extra 10% to skills. So u would choose the 3% buff over the 10%?

Definitely as the lifesteal for melee is up/active 100% of the time whereas the 20% lifesteal is only going to help when off CD. This is of course only my opinion and what i choose :slight_smile: however i have a fair bit of experience with Rath, as I have him mastered. Don’t get me wrong tho, either helix is definitely viable, just thru my testing and exp having the melee lifesteal yielded more health returned overall in both pvp and pve matches.

I do wish this game gave us more info, that mutation being a prime example :stuck_out_tongue:

It really is annoying that they didn’t give an actual definite increase. Instead we’re given something as vague as just ’ Greatly".

I really do frown upon decisions like that. Its not intuitive or explanatory at all for the User.

The mutation bumps the lifesteal for melee attacks up to 30%.

Like it has been said above ita roughly arround 30 id you would like to test for yourself there is a simple method.

Go in to a private story to minimize veritables and remove other players activities. First of do not activate any Heal power gear as it dose infact effect Genetic syphon in fact it better to not have any gear on so you can get concictent results.
Level up to the point where you have the mutation. Take damage till are about half hp, then let your shield come back up.Take note of your current hp. Now go strike opponent’s and take note of the damage done then see how much hp was gained.

Keep in mind this is around 30% of damage dealt so if you are not criting and opponent you will not get as much healing.
Personally I never take this helix as It takes away Dreadwinds Life steal removing all of its stratigic value :stuck_out_tongue: low hp DREADWIND TO FILL HP! and kill a ton of stuff in the process XD

You guys forgot there’s such a thing called skill description when you open the helix tree.

Open it, choose the greatly increase mutation and see the difference below.

Tldr: it is 30% to melee and 0% to skills. (This is clearly stated in the description)

It is now after the recent patch. This topic was created beforehand when it was not listed :slight_smile:

So I see. My apologies.
But still it’s 30%.