Rath needs a nerf

This character is easily the cheapest character in this game. Slam up slow down and ult all in the course of 3 seconds? How is this balanced? Get rid of the slow down and nerf range of catalytic smash

They’d have to rework him, because he sucks other than that; but don’t get me wrong I am in favor of a rework.

Rath sucks besides his ultimate. Leave him alone, all he can be at top level play is a one-trick-pony.

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Use your quick melee or cc

I think they just need to lower the speed during his whirlwind, so you have a chance to get away from it. Other than that he seems fine.

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Count Chocula as pure an assassin as the game has. Squishy as hell, but once all cylinders are firing he can slay anyone one on one.

Working as intended.


His early game is horrible but his late game is too oppressive. While this is similar to an “adc” in a moba, when an adc over performs late game they get reworked. Cant tell your a rath player ey, rofl

Never touched him. Not in beta, not ever.

Kills the crap out of me all time if I don’t see him coming. Glass cannon.

Although I wouldn’t really recommend a nerf for rath he has alot of disruption for an assassain. I’ve been using him of late and he now has the 2nd highest win rate character I use, the 1st being Oscar mike, because yea obvious reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

Raths ultimate is countered by Quick Melee, not many ultimate is countered by that.

Nerf would be too much. Balance would be justified. Bring down his late game potential and buffing his early game sounds right though. His helix tree may need tweaking now. Having an undodgeable ulti that does oodles of damage is a concern.

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Not with his speed helix. Mofo gets right back on you. Probably the only thing that needs a look to be honest. Damage wise the skill is fine. Just that speed boost makes it undodgeable.


You can quick melee more than once, usually i only lose 50% health on rath ultimate as he gets keeping pushed back, and that’s only when i am not a character with CC. if i see a Rath on the enemy team i usually use my CC less often to be sure he don’t get me, plus saving teammates from Dreadwind is kind of fun.

He has a lot of disruptions because of his health. He gets burned down very quickly. He’s too squishy at times and will die in a blink of an eye, it’s almost ridiculous. Pairing that with no real escape options, what did people expect from this character?

He’s supposed to be amazing at melee combat.

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His health is fine, there are plenty of characters that get burst down way faster that are also assassin melee and don’t have nearly as much cc as he does. He also Excels almost nearly unrivaled in melee combat with great lifesteal his Health bar is FINE in comparison to someone like el dragon.

Every character can counter his ult with a quick melee and most have a push back attack that will do just that. No nerf needed.

He’s really not that durable. A lot of people just run away from him and panic. I’ve been out melee’d by Attikus and Kelvin before on Rath. Maybe I’m just terrible but unless you’re hitting crtiicals with every swing he doesn’t have enough health and lifesteal to outlast usually.

Also as many have stated, quick melee his ult or knockup/stun him out of it and he’s basically become useless.

Yes but people keep saying to quick melee him as if all raths engage you from point blank vision and starting it. He has a slow, a knockup and a silence, if he juggles you, you aren’t knocking back anything because you are still suffering from the knockup the knockup combo alone can be done from optimal safety allowing him to farm or poke and wait for the engage needed.

The way I play rath is total counter engage or like caldarius i interfere with other opponents while they are fighting my teammates early on. Doing this is almost a sure fire way to snowball as after lvl 5 you kill pretty much anyone. only person that really gets in my gears as rath is montanna and now alani. But besides that I’m typically 8/10 always ontop of scoreboard and damage, even sometimes in healing lol.

Kelvin dumps on Rath at will. Two stuns and a spammable right click attack with a knockback.


Yea don’t get me wrong im not really hear to advocate for a rath nerf. I’m just saying he’s much stronger than most people make him out to be like he’s squishier than miko with less damage and stick than deande or something. Rath is STRONG, definitely in my top 5 picks personally for when I want to play a serious game, whereas I wouldn’t pick someone like attikus or whiskey foxtrot.