Rath needs to not have his ult countered by a simple quick melee

It’s really sad for the character. Some newbies I’m sure don’t know the trick, but most people do and it’s silly that his ultimate is countered by a melee.

The thing is, quick melee rarely throws any melee away from hitting range. And sometimes it can launch you into space. It’s a finicky thing.

It’s one of the only counters to his ult - which if you’ve read enough threads around here, you’ll realise that people are unimpressed with how cheap his ult already is. “Spin to win”.

I would counter argue whatever changes or suggestions you have, but you’ve provided nothing other than “its silly” soooo… :neutral_face:

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Even if you quick melee Rath’s ult, you’re still taking more damage by his ult doing so than almost 100% of the other character’s ult can do.
So it’s really, reaaaaally fine.


Agreed. Quick melee gives you nothing but a chance to get rid of that “spin to win”.
Nothing to change here in my opinion.


They should still die, it doesn’t knock them that far away.

Also you can spin out side of its hit range and kill them anyways.

Dude, of course he does. Otherwise you’re entirely defenseless against him. Even WITH quick melee, he’s extremely likely to kill you, AND you have to be inside of his buzzsaw to use it.


Seriously, OPs post is nonsense and raths alt is #1 in need of nerfing IMO. It should do 1/4 the damage it does, and even the it’ would be a 100% kill if combined with knock-up first.

Tomorrow’s thread: Marquis needs to not have his bullets not countered by terrain.

Seriously, rath’s ultimate is ridiculously strong and gets cheap kills all the time. And a good percentage of the time quick melee won’t work well enough to help. God forbid someone should occasionally prevent a spin-to -win cheap Rath kill.

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This thread is even more hilarious in the context of a number of threads from the last 2 or 3 weeks have been about nerfing Rath because he does too much damage.

Quick melee is a zoning tool in Battleborn and is perfectly legitimate for everything, in my opinion. If certain characters or abilities become “CC” immune, as it were, that would be terrible.

Agreed. Most of the time when I’ve been killed by Rath, I deserved it. I got caught alone out of position.

But man, I was in this match yesterday or the day before where a Rath was working well with their teammates–like a Boldur would dive into the front line on incursion with a stun and Rath would follow behind or Ghalt would pull into a trap and Rath would clean up what was left. It was devastatingly effective.

rath is pretty cool, a very fun character but if u wanna really wreck face try el dragon.

clothesline in > stomp and enemies go into air > immediately activate el fuego > immediately activate dragon splash.

easiest way in the entire game to get triple kills imo.

or thorn is very very very VERY VERY VERY op with her damage output… ive seen thorns hit for 960 in one single hit of her ultimate, which imo is better than rath because its ranged, easier to land and cant be countered as easy.

also orendi is insanely op ive legit been killed in less than 2 seconds by a single orendi.

imo rath is probably the weakest character in the game. he will die in 2 hits from anyone, and like u said his ultimate is easy to ccounter if u know its coming (u can pretty much expect it after u get hit by his knock up)

thorn counters rath so hard its not even funny

rath knock you up? its ok just jump super high, blight him then 1 shot him with your ultimate.

rath is garbage if u know how to counter him, and he is countered very easily.

dont get me wrong, i wreck with rath… i earned my WoS title with him and i love him… but compared to el dragon he sucks imo. and he really really sucks compared to thorn or oscar mike

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Absolutely, I “mastered” Rath and moved on to El Dragon. I get way more kills per match with Dragon than I ever did with Rath, and for how squishy Dragon is, I actually die a lot less. I honestly think people claiming Rath is OP have MAYBE played him for like an hour total if at all.

No one said rath is OP, they said his alt is. MOBAS are rock paper scissors, there’s not supposed to be a character or ability that can kill any character regardless if they are paper or rock.

If it’s so OP it shouldn’t be able to be countered by a melee hit. And the talk of it being OP is BS. it’s SITUATIONALLY OP. And that situation is when the following criteria are met:

1: Pile of enemies
2: They are all at half health or less
3: Rath can get at them from behind
4: None of those characters have a stun type effect off cooldown to use.
5: None of those characters know they can simply melee hit him.

Rath’s ult is OP if you are fighting against a group of players with pudding for brains and who end up in an unlucky situation.

Thorn’s ult with double blight potential is doubly more OP than Rath’s could ever be. She can toss it from range and let’s see you melee the green ball of death out of your way rendering it useless.

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hit the nail right on the head homie.

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