RATH: The Last of the Keepers - An Alternate Take -

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Looking forward to it Blaine.

If this topic has any legs, I wouldn’t love anything more (other than playing BB) than to tackle the nitty-gritty!

I’d be honored to hear everything you have to say!

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Actually it was an excellent read, and actually another setup I’d enjoy(although I’d still love for a kenobi-esque character that deflects attacks back)

But your build sounds amazing!

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The amazing thing about this helix tree is that I can see everything being useful in different situations. I would probably almost never use the same exact helix path two games in a row.

Level one, I’d take either Eviscerating Blade or Battle-Hardened. That bleed effect makes for great damage output so it’s always a safe bet. Battle-Hardened is something I’d take if I were against a team heavily focused on burst damage or CC chaining. Concussive Smash has great potential but I don’t see myself taking it with this particular Rath (much like the original Concussive Smash).

Level two is dependent on the enemy comp. Normally I’d like to take Dazzling Blade since blind is an awesome CC but I’d take Volatile Blade if my team needed more wave clear or if we were against support camp comps.

Level three: Terror from Above without a doubt… is what you expected me to say. But a 40% damage increase is very tempting. Normally I’d still say that having that much extra damage still isn’t worth giving up the mobility granted from Terror From Above with Rath but with Flawless Form, I think I could stay in lane much longer than I would without TfA normally. Having TfA and FF would let me dance around my enemies all day but 40% damage amp is so tempting if I already have FF.

So I’d probably mix this one up for whatever I felt like doing that game.

Level 4: Flash Step would be the obvious choice for me. I’ll be staying in lane long enough for Bloodlust to reach max based on my usual playstyle. Blood Frenzy is tempting because of it’s synergy with Energy Mirage for an ambush with high burst. But Flash Step would benefit me during all stages of combat rather than just for initiating.

Level 5: Either King of the Vampires or Bathe in Blood. Once again just depending on how I felt like playing that game. I like the idea of maintaining his passive (in addition to buffing it) but I won’t deny that Bathe in Blood works very well with Energy Mirage for some gross damage output.

Level 6: This one depends on what I’ve already taken. If I have Battle-hardened from level one (which means that I’m against high burst or chain CC) then I’d take Battle Rhythm because I’d be in lane for a very long time with it. Slice the Atom would be great if I took King of the Vampires and Volatile Blade because it becomes an AoE of high damage and DoT. That said, I’d still take if I took Dazzling Blade at two over Volatile Blade because of how useful it would be for bursting down an individual target or damaging most of a wave.

Level 7: This would entirely depend on my enemy team. By level 7, I’ll be able to tell if my team is struggling with enemy supports and I’ll go with Hemophilia if we are. If I’m fighting highly mobile characters that are dancing just out of my reach, or enemies that just keep on running away before I can secure a kill, then Energy Projections would be my choice. If my team has enough wound, or if my enemies aren’t hyper mobile then I’d go for Triggered Reflexes because the more I can use FF the better.

Level 8: Pretty straight forward for me. Ever-Present for PvP and Sustained Blade for PvE. By level 8 minions are too strong to reliably kill with a skill that doesn’t have insane damage and I don’t like the inconsistency of relying on player kills. Ever-Present combined with King of the Vampires for constantly short cooldown on Crossblade is a great synergy.

Level 9: Seize the moment because that much mobility is awesome. But if I’ve been having issues with CC throughout the match then untouchable would be my choice.

Level 10: I have no idea. All the choices seem useful in different situations but I wouldn’t know until I put them into practice.

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What would you have opted for instead? I had trouble figuring out what to do with this slot too, without overcompensating power to help entice players. Would you lower the internal cooldown? Remove it altogether?

I’m glad level 2 is working as intended. You didn’t mention Energetic Projections, though. Even with the added utility, do you still not find it worth while? Suggestions?[quote=“blainebrossart1, post:23, topic:1555361”]
Level three

I know right! TfA is just so damn good, I had to almost break my delicate balance line, to create an enticing alternative! Thankfully FF’s existence allowed you to consider Energy Mirage’s it’s value. I’d personally pick Energy Mirage 70% of the time, purely for the effect. Being able to double tap each hit just sounds so cool! I bet it would feel satisfying as hell!

Of the two, that one appears the more immediately useful. But there’s a case for Blood Frenzy.

The power behind Blood Frenzy isn’t only in initiating. Dealing damage for 10 seconds to reach max Bloodlust, isn’t always viable (10 seconds is a decent chunk of time in this game) Being able to bypass the constraint as you rush in is great.

Even better is, launching a max crossblade/concussive knock-up (discharging bloodlust) for some immediate burst/cc, then immediately reapplying Bloodlust with FF. Taking this here, opens up level 5 away from King of Vampires.

Another factor is CC, and picking fights. Getting CC’d shuts down Bloodlust (in combat for Bloodlust is only when Rath is dealing damage, not taking) Blood Frenzy, would allow you to counter the moment of weakness your enemies made.

As for picking fights, An ulting Ghalt begins to assault you. Staying to trade could be suicide, so you retreat, and when the moment is right immediately re-enter the fray. Taking the window of power from Ghalt and applying it to yourself.

Agreed. Level 5 is possibly one of my favorite choices.

King of Vampires scales well if you’re emphasizing on max Bloodlust effects.

Bathe in Blood makes Precept an actual potent dueling tool now (and even better wave clear)

As for Lurk in the Shadows, I’d prefer that choice, on modes like Face/Off Capture, where skirmishes are few, short and there’s a lot of ground to cover.

I thoroughly enjoyed your assessment on when and why you’d take an option. It seems, after we hit 5, the choices become more evident as we climb up the ladder (as if you’ve narrowed down the path you want to take this go-around) which is fantastic.

Did any of these (6-9) choices seem like no-brainer over the other? If so, any suggestions on shoring up weakness or tuning back power, for balance.

What’s your impression of Iaido? Did I make it too weak? I thought I overcompensated on it, to entice temptation, but general reaction has been in heavy favor for Make Way and Collateral Damage.

Thanks again for discussing this with me! I appreciate your time, and the respect you’ve given the topic!

For discussion, do you think I conveyed his bladesmith trait (your original question, I kind of went overboard), in his design well (if at all)

It was far more difficult to do in practice, then I had anticipated. I opted to place it’s emphasis with his talent and helix choices over anything concrete in the kit. (A cop-out perhaps :dizzy_face:)

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I say keep it. Same reason why I like having Concussive Smash on regular Rath. It opens up more possible ways to play him but it’s just not what I would do with this character personally.[quote=“ckgz800873, post:24, topic:1555361”]
You didn’t mention Energetic Projections, though. Even with the added utility, do you still not find it worth while? Suggestions?


Once again, this is just my personal play style and I wouldn’t benefit from that kind of utility for long range engagement. I’m hyper aggressive but other play styles will fit it just fine.

Level 8, because that’s one of the times I view a helix as more value in PvP or PvE. There’s nothing wrong with that since (despite what a lot of people forget) this game embodies both PvE and PvP. They are both very good choices, but I’d never really take Sustained Blade in PvP yet I’d always take it in PvE.

It’s a situational tool but It’s something I’d be glad to have at level ten. It’s a good counter for certain situations like you said with Ambra. I’d also use it on Deandes staking shield strength. I like it because it’s versatile.

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Thank you for elaborating.

It’s opened my eyes to focus less on forcing choice, and better appreciating the options, versatility can create. Even, if an option is never picked by a player.

Cheers, Blaine. Can’t wait for you guide! Looking forward to it.