Rath's Helix Mutations

I’ve been looking everywhere for someone who has gotten his character level to max and unlocked his mutations but no one has been showing him any love lately :frowning: anyone managed to find any video or website with them listed?

I believe rath god is sending them to mentalmars today so they should be up on this page soon http://mentalmars.com/battleborn/rath/


A small detail I just noticed. The threads under a certain faction category (like 'Jennerit) actually have a unique background image. Neat.

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Welcome to the struggle. I’ve been searching all over for mutators for certain characters. Kelvin is my newest obsession I NEED to know everything! (I’ve gotten to see 3/5 of his mutators, Thanks to @MentalMars) .

As for Rath, I’ve seen many people playing Rath on Twitch streams so I’m sure his mutators are out there just not compiled anywhere. Best bet would be to wait till its on Mental’s site eventually (Also Beta starts on Friday on PS4…you will know everything “Soon”).

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Just got them and they are now LIVE @Matt_W
Thanks to the Rath God, Thanks to Flipside