Rath's Legendary Gear

I just completed all the lore for Rath. I didn’t receive my Legendary item for him after completing it. Any ideas on what to do about that?

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i Also have the same problem completed the lore / match and it never recordded now im stuck with full lore complete.

Did you get them to lv 15

You don’t need to. I have Caldarius’ and he is only at 11. You just have to complete the Lore to get legendary gear.

The same thing happens to me if you find away to fix it can you please let me know.

I have 100% lore and lvl complete but in the challenges it said only 4/5 lore challenges complete. Whats wierd is when i go and look at all the mastery quests for each character the item background is black and the item intself is skewed to the bottom left outside the boarders. I have evenen completed the 50 wins challenge and nothing im re installing right now to see if that works but i put in a ticket and got no reaponce from gearbox cept to get on her and start asking witch lead to people complaining cause i made to post to get an answer quicker lol no lives much well let me know if yall figure it out