Rath's Lore - Hitting 3 enemies with Crossblade

I’m having a hard time on this one. Do you guys have a misson or mutliplayer mode where you where able to complete this one easilly?

I haven’t tried it myself, but I’d wager the trick people use where in the room after Geoff, you leave one of the large swarmers that spawns small swarmers alive, and just kite the swarmers for a large group of easily-killed enemies.


That’s how I did it. Took less than 15 minutes to go from 23 to 100

I played through The Renegade a few times for that one, the final defense wave spawns in a ton of Thralls that spill in through the doors. If you have Anger’s Echo you can get four or five three-hits at a time. Finished it up in one or two run-throughs.

Yeah, didn’t think of that. Renegade’s undoubtedly better if you don’t have the Jennerit kills lore finished.

Just re align Rath after a Catalytic smash for a trio - anywhere crowded will work

Stack yourself with some CDR items and jump into any normal 5-man story mode. After a few runs of keeping your goal in mind, you should be fine. Anywhere you have Verelsi portals is great. I particularly did several points in The Void’s Edge during the two events prior to the boss fight area. Both of these spawn multiple waves of Verelsi from portals conveniently in a line! Just sit on the side and crossblade away!

edit - sorry for the old post bump, I did not realize the age when I posted. Suggestion still stands though for anyone else having issues!

Do The Algorithm
Get Geoff to the point where he goes up in his Web. He will send out endless waves of minions if you don’the kill him. Easy to get that challenge there.

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Voids edge infinite spawn swarmerso no issue lining them up and you never risk killing the main spawner.

Im glad you did bump it because ive been having the same problem recently. I dont know why i didnt think of the renegade. Thanks for the old post bump!!! :slight_smile:

The actual collision mesh on the cross projectile seems to be a HELL of a lot smaller than the actual visible model ffs lol.

This makes it reeeaaalllly easy to misjudge and not hit 3 thing with it ffs lol… n.nU

I just did this all at once on Helio solo.
You have at least an hour of three in a row :smile: