Raths ult is ridiculously op

What other ult can do 2000 damage in 3 seconds? What other character has an ult that can’t be outran?
What other character has two abilities to guarantee he gets that 2k damage?
Seriously do something with his ult. at least reduce how fast he goes with it so you can at least outrun it. I know u can cc it but he can knock up silence you…
NOTE: yes he’s a one trick pony. But his one trick comes back in less than a minute and kills almost instantly


Pretty much on board with this, I’ve seen a lot of counter with why Rath isn’t OP and I know he’s oddly squishy and if he is countered out of his ult he can do literally nothing. However, I don’t think that’s a good kit. I think he needs almost an entire rework, make his secondary attack do something neat. Make his ult last longer but do less damage (same damage overall though). Something to shift some of his power from his ult to the rest of his kit

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I’m fine with the damage being spread out over a longer period but literally some characters can’t even get their cc powers ready in the time he kills you

I have not played as Rath yet, but facing off against him is pretty easy to handle esp if your playing a high mobility character. Once you see how he works, as long as he does not get the drop on u, he is fairly easy to avoid. Any character with range can keep him at bay pretty easy. I mainly play as thorn and Melka, I win 1v1 with him quite often, even good Rath players who are dominating the leaderboards rarely take me down.

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Another problem is when rath head juggles you with his ult then you really can’t escape. But head juggling is another issue that’s not just with rath

It’s why you need to keep your distance too. If you approach ANY character the wrong way, you are going to have a bad time. Know your limits, there are certain characters I avoid as thorn, Ambra being one of them, I find it almost impossible to kill her, so I do what I can to keep her away but won’t chase her down, it’s a waste of time. On the other hand I punish Marquis players who sit up on the perch when I play as Melka, Marquis can’t me when I hit him with venom and pounce on him with my melee combo. I can see how trying to play a melee character against Rath might not work out so great, but then again I can’t play any melee character good, so I could be wrong.

I see this response a lot but it’s just not a completely viable option.

Rath isn’t going to stand there looking at you and waiting for you to come to him. Either he’ll make a move eventually or he will simply switch his attention to another player.

I think the main reason you have high success against him is becuase Melka and thorn are two of his biggest counters.

I don’t understand why people have such an issue with Rath. His ult CAN do alot of dmg yes, but its soooooooo easy to stop. Any form of CC (aside from a slow) can stop his ult.

His ult lasts what? 3 seconds? EDIT: 4 seconds

If Rath knocks you up and silences you then poof there goes any of the counters you just said for 2 seconds. In which you are then running and not looking towards him so even if you survived until that last second you would have to take the time to turn around and CC him.

The only characters that can even survive this are characters with inate mobility (thorn) and tanky as hell characters (montana). Depending on who you play, (orendi and oscar mike for example) have no menas of countering Rath. If he kills you late game you simply line yourself up to be killed by the same combo again.

my problem is it does too much damage in too little time. 1800 damage in 3 seconds? Who else can do that with their ult? Some characters can’t even cast their ults in that time…

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cough Whisky Foxtrot cough

That dude takes longer than 3 seconds to even get his ult started

Same with Ambra…

I agree, I played all night last night with a handful of different Rath players, and got killed by him maybe 3 times total… and I play a LOT of different characters.

Seriously though, most tanks can CC him right out of his ult, and forget it if they have a shield (cough)Boldur(cough) he becomes completely useless.

See, watch: https://www.twitch.tv/v0lum3/v/69984996

The problem is the knock up silence counters the cc abilities of the characters I play and my God does that smash have some range…
Also why is only his ult a near 100-0 instant kill on most chars?

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Compared to the ult of other characters, Rath’s is way too good. Yeah, you can stun him out of it but like someone else said, Rath is able to silence you. So the silence+knockup+ult combo is impossible to stop.

And by the way, Ambra’s ult used to slow but that was too strong or something(I never had trouble with her ult) so it got nerfed. But Rath’s ult, which is a lot easier to hit and deals a lot more damage does not get nerfed?

By the way, I was playing a game as Thorn a bit ago and Rath did his ult. I was NOT able to outrun him. And that Rath was not level 10 yet, he was level 9.

I think that Rath shouldn’t be as fast as he is now doing his ult, and/or it should last longer but deal less damage.

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I have to agree…even as a high-mobility char like Caldarius, you can’t get out if the damage is so much in so little time…even an attempt to Dash and Flash, the damage is already done and you’re lucky if you’re not silenced and completely handicapped already. Just keeping Distance is a novel idea in theory, but his stun and silence can reach medium range - his ult is OP in most cases.

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Yea, but that knock up though…

That’s kinda hard to avoid. I’m still on the fence about the super being OP but something needs to be reworked.

He is SO basic there is really only one way to play. Just about every rath I fight does the same thing and I dont think that is their fault. He just doesn’t have many options.

I would be on board with a Rath ult nerf, but it would have to be a package deal. What I mean by that is you can’t just take away the only thing that makes a character usable without compensating elsewhere. My suggestion an HP buff along with the ult nerf. Don’t quote me on this but Im pretty sure hes’s the only BB with less than 1000 HP.

Nah there’s a lot with less than 1000 at start
El dragon

What other ultimate can have it’s damage cut in half if not more with Quick Melee?

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