Rath's Ultimate is OP

Rath’s ultimate is the only GUARANTEED ultimate in the game. You can not get away and he does 1000+ dmg in 4 seconds. Needs to be fixed. In late games once he has his ultimate etc it can decide game outcomes.

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While it is powerful, it can easily be stunned or guarded against. Just save a stun move for it and it is useless.


I have to disagree friend, like rsquires82 said, it can be stunned, guarded or even knocked up in the game. The moment I see him start spinning (Kelvin Player) I just sublimate and he stops…

I understand that you can stun them, but almost no other ultimate requires a stun to get away from. That is my point.

Well what do you want them to do? If you nerf him then you are compromising his assassin identity.

I agree with @ssfjustin, Rath is an Assassin, and as such should be able to dispose of enemies with relative ease if played well. There are many other characters deserving of adjustments waaaay before Rath is looked at, I’d say he’s in a good place as far as the game is now.


Respectfully disagree.

His only real assassination tool is his ultimate since his normal attacks fall short of almost every other melee character. It’s mean’t to be a game changer when used correctly such as a full team stun with El Dragon, Kelvin or Deande. It’s a great 1v1 tool if you bait out the CC of the other person but it really shines in team fights when used correctly. If your having a problem countering it remember a Rath player will almost always use it after his knock up so try to bait it and save your escape and CC for after he pops it.

I think his movement speed while in ultimate is the problem. He needs to be quick otherwise the ultimate would be a liability, but he can currently keep pace with Caldarius while doing his tasmanian devil impersonation and that’s kinda ridiculous.

I don’t think the super is op. I usually use the circle move (ps4) to knock them back. Like a mini melee attack. At first I don’t know why they added that but Works like a charm lol

I find Rath to be sitting pretty. Not OP, not UP, but juuuuuust right.

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Disagree. It’s his one saving grace when his attacks fall short. Don’t get into melee range with him and he is just a pretty spinning princess getting nuked from afar.

I’ve seen Whiskey Foxtrot destroy Rath consistently while Rath was using his ultimate by using his scrap cannon and being specced into Flak Off which provides a knock back and Scrap Bank so you can knock back more than once. Since the knock back doesn’t break the spin Rath ends up stuck spinning well out of melee range and even if he manages to spin back you can just knock him back with the scrap cannon again.

Whiskey Foxtrot is generally considered a sub par hero but in this specific instance he is very strong.

I’ve shut it down as well with Orendi’s knock back as well.

I disagree I think its fine as it is, just stun, guard or get away from it

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Its probably because i played Montana into Isic into Boldur, but Rath doesnt scare me too much. I’m sure he’d be scarier if i played a squishy character.

People will say one of the following to counter this thread:

  • use melee to push him back (and if you miss?)
  • use a stun or knockup (what if on CD?)
  • use a guard (what if your character doesn’t have guard?)

Spin to win is the most OP ult in the game, something that can kill practically any other Battleborn from full HP/shield needs reworking. I don’t know of ANY other Battleborn that has burst like that.

I agree OP, this is an issue and needs a second look by devs.


Ok, the fact that if he knocks you in the air and THEN ults underneath you is kind of cheesy, you kind of get juggled by it. Thats lame. But thats only cheap in combination. I dont think its OP, i just think, as the name implies, its too easy to actually use. And yes other ults can burst like that but require more aiming.
I think you should hold onto your stun/escape if you are having trouble against a Rath, unless you cant use them while juggled, that should be fixed. Never played him, never will, because emo space vampire, but is he FASTER than you while spinning? Could be a Helix thing.
I use my guard :slight_smile: Boldur laughs at the emo space ninja, as his ultimate literally heals me.

Appears abilities can only be used when you hit the apex of the knock up (I had an ISIC on the team that dashed mid air to escape = legit)

Each person that replies always gives a hypothetical situation when Rath faces a certain other Battleborn and then having the choice ability/s to use against him. In a utopia okay people, but that’s not always how it works…

The ult just does TOO much damage while being EXTREMELY easy to use, zero skill to get kills with this ult, needs reworking.

Which character does same burst as this ult? @dwarfurious


Right then the juggling is an issue more than the abilities by themselves. Ideally, Rath is going to use his ultimate when you are disabled in some way anyways.

If we’re looking at 1000~ damage in 4 seconds then… Isic ? His turret from has incredible ranged damage, easily can do that with rocket add-ons.
Orendi, Oscar Mike and Ambra all have really powerful AoE nukes, Toby’s beam and Whiskey Foxtrots full-auto are both extremely lethal. Technically even Boldur could probably do it with his ulti