Rath's Ultimate Seem a Little Broke?

Does anyone agree with me that this ultimate of Rath’s might be a little OP? Needs a little nerfing?

Tired of seeing the first comment being “nope its balanced cause (insert some BS, probably has to do with CC)”

Yes, it is entirely broken. You go up to someone, you silence them, you spin. WIN. The only character I can think of right now that can get away from a Rath Ultimate without the use of skills is Thorn when she is leveled high enough for the high jump and the quick melee boost. Other than that, if you get caught with skills on CD or Silenced, it’s lights out for you… unless Miko… cause Miko is god.

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But the true elephant in the room… IS MARQUIS!

Everyone I play with agrees his damage is too high for his low risk, low skill class.

My favorite moment in Battleborn is when a Thorn started talking in chat about how much harder Thorn was to use than their Marquis. Going so far as to say “Anyone who says Thorn is the counter to Marquis has ■■■■■■■ braindamage”.

Wrong Thread? I don’t care!

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Cald can get away with his double jump kiting, and so can Toby.

Havent played much of either but Toby’s boost always felt kinda weak, sort of like a just barely faster than a sprint. If Rath is lvl 10 I don’t think Toby could get away.

I played mostly Toby during the Beta, and I can say that Rath was without a doubt the melee character I had the easiest time with. That’s in part because of the lore glitch giving me the legendary early, but if you do get that you can stop Rath from approaching at all with two chances to land a stun, and even if you miss both of those turning around, sprinting, and mashing the jump button typically saved me. I don’t know all of Rath’s helix, so maybe he has some zoomy skills in there somewhere, but Rath being close to Toby shouldn’t really happen anyways (especially since he can also dodge Catalytic Smash with his jump dash).

As Montana, a Rath can’t 100-0 me, but it is way to easy for them to do the knockup, run under me, and start spinning.

I was playing Marquis the other night. Suddenly I’m up in the air and I know what this is. Its Rath, and he’s sneaked around to assassinate me while I snipe. No big deal, i’m hit with crossblade and the next thing is dreadwind. I see him start the wind-up and quick-melee him, knocking him back a bit as I turn to run. I’m weakened pretty heavily already and I know I can’t contest him in this scenario. So i put some distance between us while his spinning without taking any damage from it. He realizes he’s now wasted his ult and can’t melee without taking damage from towers so he turns to run. As he runs for the corner I nail him with my ult, punishing him for approaching me.

I’m not sure why people think it’s broken. Rath is very predictable if nothing else. The thing I think is broken is extending the knock-up by going underneath a player and “juggling” them. That is basically a form a CC and someone can extend that to 2-3 bounces and get a kill before you touch the ground.

Honestly, I think his damage is fine… if his health was a little lower. The fact that you can physically rush him down and he can just slow at his feet and jog off is just insulting. I don’t know what his health bar actually is, but with as tiny of a hitbox his little stick frame makes, it needs to be lower…