Rating skills for fl4k

why there’s no rating skills for fl4k amara category have and it’s very helpful

Amara is mostly just ase anointments so phasegrasp is used 90% of all builds. Fl4k uses different anointments for each build so your performance is based off the weapons you can get.

I’d put fadeaway above the other two for bossing. More reliable, short cd, constant healing, amara level burst

Gamma and rakks are pretty on par for mobbing. Rakks will crush mobs but in groups gamma has an edge. Bossing rakks have a slight edge over gamma but not much. Look at dakquan and ratore for fadeawat content, chaddboy has a new vid for gamma that explains the playstyle on point, rakks I don’t use because rakks dont always hit the right target or even work on my pc sometimes.

Perfect rolls on all, same guns, perfect anointments? Fl4k shreds mobs and bosses with any action skill if used right. I out dps zanes by miles during takedown with gamma

Working on one with @nodreamsonlygoals now.


good good thanks for the hard work

I’d like to see one to laugh at how the meta views them.

I’d really like this too. These skills guides were super useful back in the BL2 days for knowing which skills are actually effective and worth taking, which is not always obvious due to how Borderlands math sometimes works.

Any FL4K experts out there feel like making one of these?


@mattm33, @darreltan2004 said above he is working on one. I very much look forward to seeing it. The ones for Amara and Moze are something I keep coming back to whilst I think there was one for Zane too but it seems to have disappeared.


I missed that, looking forward to it!

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