Raven_Ghosthawk's "Destiny" Questions and Musings

Yes, I decided to do it. Because GameFAQs doesn’t allow serious editing, and the threads there close within a month while the ones here can go dormant until they are revived. Also, some of these things I wonder I have wondered aloud while chatting with fellow players – and I think they may be too good to forget.

And yes, I will be adding as I think up stuff.

  • Special/Heavy Weapon refills should auto-trigger upon running out of said ammo. To balance it out, the next one will be preceded by a cooldown of (perhaps) 5 minutes; during that time, if any ammo of the same type as the refill is picked up, the cooldown will cancel.
  • Glimmer-netting items should auto-trigger upon contact with a given enemy type, provided that the player has any type-matched items. When triggered, they will run for about 10min (as per standard), and the next will trigger upon running out. If a player has equipped a Glimmer-netting Ghost, that enemy-matched item will not trigger; if an item has activated and the player equips a Glimmer-netting Ghost to match that enemy type, the timer will continue to run but the next one in line will not trigger, and the effects cannot overlap.
  • Does the Bladedancer simply charge themselves with Arc energy, or do they actually become lightning like when Negi Springfield uses his Raiten Taisō (Ή ΆΣΤΡΑΠΗ΄ ΎΠΕ΄Ρ ΟΥ΄ΡΑΝΟ΄Υ ΜΕΤΑ ΔΥΝΑ΄ΜΕΝΗ)?
  • All Booster consumables should auto-trigger upon planetfall; if one expires midway thru, the effect lasts to the end.
  • You should be able to assemble your own custom from a list of components, then apply a shader pattern with your own choice of colors.