Raving Retribution mechanics

  • Is a (grenade) splash Fire attack so it will benefit from grenade damage bonuses ( Fuel The Blood great for melee builds ) and will trigger Blood Bath when/if it scores kills (great for gun builds)
  • it has F4 = 3 in the chance to apply elemental effect formula. With Fuel The fire kill skill active this gets above 100% chance to set things on fire vs targets of or near level parity. So when using a build + COM that gets you 100% chance to self ignite - once you set yourself on fire and have enemies to kill to keep fuel the fire bonus active - Raving Retribution will MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOU BURNING EVEN DURING BXR/RTB for the damage reduction bonus from numbed nerves, melee damage from pain is power and elemental sympathy healing and great thorns damage from fuel the blood boosted raving retribution.

Even with his obscene fire DOT damage multiplier ( can get > *4 with Burn COM and fire relic ) I don’t think the fire DOTs from Fire Fiend and/or Raving Retribution do that much/significant damage (EDIT: actually its not a joke vs slagged health) … ( but they will heal you through elemental sympathy akin to an extra passive health regen while in combat) …

The fire damage type lowers its viability vs a lot of enemy types so its not quite as strong/versatile as the bloodsplosion alternative for a melee build…


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