RC Claptrap-In-A-Box now on EBAY

(Zerl) #1

These were sold out 10 minutes after going on sale four hours ago. A number of them are now available on Ebay. Are there plans to release any more for sale? Quite devestated I missed out on them.

(Mark Levinson) #2

Was that the blue claptrap?

(Zerl) #3

Was this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0m_vIFi9zk

(Mark Levinson) #4

Ow, I wanted the real thing, not some rc trash can.

Joking. It’s pretty awesome. Probably crazy expensive as well.

(Zerl) #5

Yeah it was $400 US but I would have paid it. Only 5000 made. What an awesome thing to follow me around at PAX…