RCF Font Only? Chinese Players won't agree

Made a new fontmap.lua for HWRM, and tried to use some system fonts (which is OK for the Classic Version, that’s why the Classic Version can be translated into Chinese), but I failed this time. This can only means one thing: HWRM do not support system fonts. Since making a Chinese rcf font file is nearly impossible, we have no idea how to make a Chinese version for HWRM right now.

I have kept trying to use .ttf fonts for HWR for the whole morning, only to find it’s impossible…How frustrating it is …

Hrm - the update engine has a new font system. The ‘old’ system-font stuff that was there wasn’t working right. I understand this is important to languages like Chinese - and we collectively certainly understand that our Chinese fans (not to mention insanely talented Mod authors) want Chinese fonts. We’re pushing on the first patch, which is only ‘critical’ stuff (crashes, etc). Can you give me a solid example of how you were using TTF files? Also, I may be able to help get an RCF built (MUCH improved tool)… Can you show me a ‘character map’ for what you need as well as the name of a font you’d have used? I want to see how much effort that would be to do…

For Classic version, we simply replace all “XXX.rcf” with…for example, “simsun”(simsun.ttf is a Chinese font file in my C:\Windows\Fonts).

Hrm - I wonder then how it knows which characters it has to capture to construct the font… I’ll dig into that and see what I can find. I mean, certainly it’s not going to create a font made of the entire chinese char set - so it has to have a way to measure that. For normal RCF files you provide the list.

Well, never mind. We have successfully made a usable Chinese rcf font. So there should be no problem for us to make a Chinese version of HWRM, not to mention that we have well prepared to translate it into Chinese. In this case, would GBX make HWRM officially support Chinese?

I’m not in a position to answer that - but I am very happy you’ve all got it working! That’s great guys! I’ll ask how we feel about endorsing Chinese - the main issue is just internally we’d have to upkeep it and audit/maintain it. I’m NOT saying that is impossible - but that’s not my call, and this is your (hard) work. Again, that is KICK ASS that you’ve got it working.

What res did you create the RCF sprites at? The new tool doesn’t do what the old one did (for high res some single glyphs would be their own texture!) - it makes huge texture pages. If you didn’t achieve the same format edits in your RCF you may find using it at larger res hurts performance.

Someone else made it, don’t know details yet, but it did works.
Thank you very much, wish we could get official support soon.

Korean Players disagree too.
Too many spellings not support hw2 korean patch.

Target Sample Spellings

In game…

And Font quality is bad…

How can i create RCF sprites? I want to create a custom translation (hungarian) and i need characters like : ö ő ü ű ú á é
Pls help!

There’s a font editor:

Not a very good one… But I guess if you just want to add several letters into the font, this editor should be enough.

ok, thx :slight_smile:

I Have a Problem:

I translated some line. In Main menu there is no problem, every character (áéűőüöó etc.) look good. But the cinematic subtitle is wrong (áéűőüö etc. characters are missing, or wrong. I have no idea why.

Is there any idea?

HWRM uses more than one fonts, you can either add your letters to every fonts, or make the game use your font only.