Re-acquiring mission rewards?

I have been sort of out of the BL3 loop for many weeks until yesterday but have still sort of kept up on the forums. I could have sworn I read somewhere recently that they were adding the ability to re-acquire mission rewards somehow but now for the life of me I can’t remember how (or if I am delusional and I didn’t actually read this).

I thought they were adding them randomly to the Vet Reward vending machine but when I looked on there I didn’t see any. Is this actually a thing or am I losing my mind? lol.

Not yet.

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Ok, so they did say this somewhere but it’s just not a reality? I thought it was coming with this patch. Is there any indication of when it’s coming? Where/when was this stated or talked about? I can’t remember at all how this info got in my head. lol.

GBX: “not sure yet but soon™”

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In one of future patches, no detail when.

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Cool thanks. Glad I wasn’t delusional. Would be nice if it was included in this patch but good to hear it’s at least on the horizon. Much needed addition IMO!