Re-activatable gear?

Okay so excluding legendaries (for obvious reasons) every piece of gear will fall into 1 of 3 tiers. With the cost determining which tier it belongs to.

Tier 1: 0~420
Tier 2: 421~756
Tier 3: 757~1050

Using this “chart” you can determine which tier a specific piece of gear belongs to. Now in addition to the price you would pay for reapplying a piece of gear, you would also go down in level(s) depending on the tier of the item. So tier 1 would cost 1 level, tier 2 would be 2 and so on. Thats basically the jist of it. What do you guys think? Could it work?

Not with the level cost, never.

It would add another level of depth to gameplay and would make legendaries always viable, imo, since you could just activate the 420 version to start, which is reasonable for a short match not in your favour.


i think that the current system rewards teamwork and forethought better. while the new system might be harder to explain to a newbie, itd make it easier for thwm to pick gear, as higher rarities would always be better since it gets better as the match goes on.

so for gearbox it would be good if they wanted to support shorter matches- continue to take your legos in and only activate what you can in the time frame!
note that this would also reduce loadouts for some.

Why not? Not even with a slight bump to exp gained overall to compensate for it?

Thanks for the response, I feel like I wasn’t clear enough with my post.(I wrote this at 2 in the morning lol) If that’s the case, this new system wouldn’t replace the current one it would stack ontop of It, and would only be applied when reactivating a piece of gear that you’ve already equip. As for an explanation for the newer players, let’s be honest a lot of new players aren’t even aware of gear in the first place, let alone how to use it, and the ones that are usually are stack loads of “epics” and legendaries, usually never getting them in the process. Who knows If this system was in place it might even warrant a gear tutorial. Which might open new avenues for players that think legendaries and epics are the only way for them to compete.

Regarding teamwork, in my experience a lot of teammates are quite greedy especially those rockin epic and legendaries only. They won’t buy bots, they won’t buy turrets, hell they won’t even buy even buy supply stations even if their (in game) life depended on it and unfortunately that’s the majority of the players, not saying it’s entirely their fault, but that’s a discussion for another time

Sorry for the late reply I like to sleep :slight_smile:

You just can’t being down levels is pretty huge in this game.

If I were to buy a level 3 legendary that perk would have to be bonkers to make up for the fact I put myself down 3 levels below you. Or If I were 3 levels up I could just roll you not buying any gear anyways.

It would either drastically devalue buying gear or make gear bonkers OP to make up for the fact you are losing scaling on: HP, auto damage, helix options, skill damage.

Hell naw