Re-adding the ship launch menu hotkeys to the Remastered game?

In the original Homeworld 1 (and in Homeworld: Cataclysm), you could quickly launch docked ships with hotkeys and just 1 mouse click, rather than having to constantly click your way through a clunky ‘mouse-only’ launch menu, as Homeworld 2 and the Remastered edition both force you to do.

And I dunno about anyone else here, but I dearly miss the ability to quickly launch ships with just 1-2 keystrokes and a single mouse click, versus the clunky and constant mouse movement and clicking that the Remastered UI forces me to do.

Anyway… is it ‘technically’ possible for a game mod to re-add this functionality back into Remastered? Like, this isn’t one of those ‘hard-coded’ things that a mod would have huge trouble trying to fix, is it?

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I too would like to see this as a fix. @Dom2, @radar3301, @sastrei.

I’m not sure how to re-add it, but are you talking about how ships would organize by type in the launch menu in HW1?

That would be nice too, but that’s not what specifically what I was referring to.

In the original Homeworld 1 (and in Homeworld: Cataclysm), if you wanted to scramble all docked ships, you merely needed to press ‘L’, and then ‘A’. The first key opened the launch menu for docked ships, and the second key executed the ‘Launch All’ command.

If you had a large amount of docked ships but only needed a few at a given time, you could tap ‘L’, click the listed name of the ship you wanted, and then tap ‘Spacebar’, which executed the ‘Launch One’ command. For instance, maybe you only wanted to launch 3 Salvage Corvettes: you’d press ‘L’, click on the Salvage Corvette’s listing, and then tap ‘Spacebar’ 3 times. Bam; 3 Salvage Corvettes are now launching.

Finally, sometimes you wanted to launch a lot of ships, but not ‘all’ of them. Exclusive to Cataclysm, was the ability to ‘Launch Group’, where you would select a ship type, and (if I remember correctly) tap ‘G’ to launch all ships of that type. So in short: You tap ‘L’, click the ship type you want, then tap ‘G’. This was useful if you wanted to, say, launch all of your docked ACVs/Acolytes at once, but still wanted to keep your MCVs/Mimics and Workers safely docked for the moment.

Understand now?


Wow! I had forgotten about all of that. I haven’t played HW1 since the release of HW2 in 2003. This would definitely be a plus for HWR.

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Considering how long it’s been since HWR initially released, I have doubts that Gearbox will churn out an official patch that returns those hotkeys anytime soon.

So again, I ask: Is it possible to implement this old functionality via a game mod of some sort?

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