Re-Charger with Bloodletter + Deathless?

Just had a thought and since I’m at work and can’t check it for hours I thought I’d ask - would this combo work? I’m not sure just how fast that shield comes back on break, and having 1 hp and all it could be great or useless.

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It works.

Edit: but only if it’s a rerouter like my tired brain thought.

Recharger. Hard no.


You’ll go down immediately on shield break. Its the same as with Tenacious defense and Stop Gaps, non of them apply before you go down.


It does not work. You need at-least 50% health to keep the “health gate” mechanism that allows any life saving functions to activate such as recharger, stop-gap, last stand. The alternative approach would be to use a lunacy artifact that doubles your shield size and retains your heath. But, you loose your damage boost or 150/50 radiation anointment from low health builds.


It works.



If you’re using TD and are strategic, a Frozen Snowshoe can be used on 1HP builds without going down but the player has to be the one breaking it.

Things like rocket boots and snowdrift snowball will trigger it without killing you. I don’t know of any other shields with break effects that work that way.

That’s what I was worried about, thanks for the info! Back to the Transformer then.

you can use it with the anointment that triggers shield effects on action skill start
then you can enter iron bear to refill your shield


I read rerouter. I get those two mixed up all the time.


Incorrect. 50+% health and health gate is not required for either Tenacious Defense or the Re-Charger.

E.g. those effects work with 3 points into TRL (60% reserved health). It’s just that the health gate mechanic is no longer there to save you from being one-shotted when the incoming damage is too high. But as long as some health is there to make up for the short delay these abilities have, it can work.

So it’s depending on 1) the damage you receive, 2) the amount of shields you have at that time, 3) and how much health you have actually reserved. When the incoming damage that puts your shield to 0 is too high, you go straight into FFYL. If not, the effects trigger.

However, it definitely doesn’t work woth 1hp.

So, it’s not incorrect, nice job confusing people further. Obviously if a pebble hits you, you’ll be OK. In this game, almost everything other than effect ticks are one shot with Moze.

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Again, no. You said health gate is required for the effects to trigger. This is plain wrong.

Health gate has nothing to do with both Tenacious Defense and the special effects of the Re-Charger or Stop-Gap.

Only a certain amount of health left (1hp is not enough though) is required, because there’s a short delay before these effects can trigger.

The ability to health-gate is just useful here, because it prevents you from being one-shotted. But not everything necessarily one-shots you for that matter.

For the majority of players, running a re-charger, or stop-gap, or last-stand, or Tenacious Defense, with less than 50% health, is like pissing in the wind. So yes, you are technically correct, that doesn’t mean that it is useful or beneficial in application, because it is not.

If you want to get the most use out of a re-charger, stop-gap, last stand, tenacious defense, keep your health gate.

And yet it is both useful and beneficial since that’s were the new “On Action Skill Start” anointment comes into play.

With a Re-Charger for example you can get TD (if you specced into it) even with a 1hp build. Two great things in one. 100% shields and TD.

And even without this anointment you can easily go with the 150/50 anointed perk on weapons as well as use a Re-Charger.

Having 5 seconds immunity every 40 seconds from last stand cuz you’re always under 50% hp is kinda cool. And TD at least will give you 30% extra weapon damage during FFYL.

Putting 3 into TRL then running a Re-charger or Stop-gap with 75% shield/hp after IB works pretty well too. Next best thing to health-gating.