Re-creating the Ogre in TPS

One of my favorite legendaries form BL2 that hasn’t made it into the game (yet?). I’m thinking about a purple torgue spitter. But which one is most like an ogre?

Plump? Ogre had a large magazine. Serious stopping power too. And a high rate of fire.

Which character should it be on? I’m initially thinking nisha, but maybe jack? Absolute advantage could help with simulating the deep magazine that the ogre has.


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Definitely Jack. Spec into Sponsored By…, get a Shredifier, get a Torgue gun, and BAM! Orge!


Jack with something like this build

  • AA and JC can give you almost unlimited magazine size, also the +80% grenade bonus is welcome
  • Believe and the Celestial com will make it pin point
  • Up to a potential 210% fire rate buff with Incentives, Taxation, Commitment, and Believe
  • Use Sponsored by to add almost anything you want to it, fire rate, mag size, base damage, elements, etc…
  • Put on a cryo nova shield and let your digi jacks freeze everything for even a bigger boost.

Jack can make almost any gun do amazing things.

You could also drop SB… and use a best man com and get even more fire rate like this build


So with this particular setup, it would liken more closely to the ogre in more ways. The grenade damage bonus is a nice perk. The synergy here is hard to ignore.

Thats what I love about Jack, he is a Jack of all trades, get it :). Sorry that was terrible and someone should poke me in the eye.

Anyways yeah he has pretty much every kind of damage buff possible and a good amount of them, lots of base damage, critical hits, fire rate, reload, accuracy, grenade, mag size, you name it he can do it and on top of that he has some of the best survival skills in the game.

So many ways to play him and he can use pretty much anything in so many ways.


Jack is one of the countless examples of why people should stop calling this game an uninspired turd.

Gearbox put so much love into the design of jack and his skills. They never stop surprising me with new ways of making my imagination go nuts with the possibilities in these skill trees.


Having now played all 4 VHs in BL1, all 6 in BL2, and the current 5 in TPS, I have to agree. You can complain about the scaling of certain character skills in BL2 UHVM (and I probably wouldn’t disagree with you!) but, overall, there is amazing variety between all 15 of them. Not only that, but there are also multiple ways to play each one.

One of my minor concerns going into TPS was whether the individual characters would just be too similar to what has gone before, but that has not been the case at all in my experience. Athena is awesome, Wilhelm gives me some degree of pet-control (finally!), Claptrap is laugh-out-loud hilarious, Double Jack is refreshing as all get out, and Nisha is darkly sinister. (Love the whole B-western movie vibe thing, too!) I’m lovin’ it…

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@Derch - I messed around with your suggestions and got incredible results with the spitter.

I will go into more detail later, but HOLY HELL this spitter is an Ogre on steroids.

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I look forward to hearing or reading about it. I might also have to give it a run.

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Do it. I used sponsored by and a cryo maliwan Snider to merge the elemental DMG.

A cryo snider is such a beautiful thing.

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Howitzer Mod
Bomber Oz Kit
Frigidia or cryo T4s-r to freeze

Plump purple Spitter

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Im pretty sure thats as close as you can get to an Axton-esque Ogre soldier build. I will absolutely go that route when I finally make it to 60 with Wilhelm.

After messing around, the Unbelieveable Hero Class Mod ended up being quite good.

Fire Rate and Gun Damage, additional FR with Believe maxxed at 11/5, and of course Integrity (Reaper).

I picked up Inspire too because you have to be Inspired, after all.

Well, hello old (new) friend:

Took a look at my Jack last night, and I was basically down the left tree in the same way as your build. I started throwing the next few points into Collaborate, but was wondering if you’d recommend continuing down the Greater Good tree on the way up through normal and true, or jumping over to Free Enterprise? The capstone on Greater Good is very tempting! (Currently level 18, just returning to Helios)


I’m not going to lie that was ■■■■■■■ amazing, also wow that was ■■■■■■■ amazing.

My love for Jack just increased a lot. I think before the life of time game is over I might end up with 100 different Jack save files for all the different builds I like to play with him.


Leadership is maybe the best capstone in the game because of all the skills it helps jack with. Not only kill skills like synergy, winning, believe, and absolute advantage, but it also counts as kills for Best Foot Forward, Jack’s Cache, and Take Their freedom. So much works better because of it. Also that whole tree is amazing.

But then to add to it a simple point in Optimism makes it so each time your Jacks respawn they die faster so all of these are even better yet. When you look at those skills that it hits on an individual basis it gets better. Just Compensation increasing your Grenade damage and Magazine size depending on how many grenades you have makes you want to run around with 0 grenades well add leadership and Jack’s Cache and you can run around with 0 grenades and your stacks build so fast you can throw a grenade every few seconds. So its like playing with unlimited grenades that have a pretty big damage boost while having none.

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Close enough :).

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The characters, and especially Jack is very well made. I just wish I could bring them in to bl2 so I could try the amazing skills on a raidboss or digipeak. TPS just doesn’t have the fun maps and raids that bl2 had.

And that makes me just a little bit sad…