Re do sandhawk when joining other player?

Im a lvl 62 siren and i want to do the sandhawk quest in uvhm. I know that the only way to redo the quest is to reset the complete story mission. After 3 runs i just dont feel like doing that.
So i was wondering, my friend starts uvhm soon. If he starts the quest line and i join his game, do i also join those quest? So do i reviece the reward (sandhawk) again? Or does only he get the reward from the quest? And what lvl will it be? I think its not possible but i just wanne know for sure. :slight_smile: Otherwise i might wait with that quest.
Hope anyone can answer this question.

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Oh playing console btw so i dont think its possible to get multiple sandhawks any other way?

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You’ll only get the reward in someone else’s lobby if you haven’t completed the mission in your game, so if you’ve reset your playthrough you’ll get it but if you’re completed it you’ll get no reward. In UVHM, the mission will scale to the level of the highest level player in the lobby at the time the mission is accepted and that will be the level of the reward. So, if your friend is level 55 and accepts the mission at level 55, then you join at level 63 and turn the mission in, the reward will only be level 55. But, if you’re in the lobby at level 63 and then the mission is accepted, the reward will be level 63 despite the host only being level 55. I hope this example helps.

As for ways to get it multiple times, let’s say your friend is the host and he turns in the mission to get the reward, he can then drop it for you and after you pick it up you enable/disable your BAR (Badass rank) which will force your game to save. The host then dashboards (Hit the middle button, quit game/close application without saving) and reloads the game. He can again get the reward and repeat the process until you get the element and parts you want. If he saves before quitting however, the mission will be complete and you wont be able to do it again, and since you’ll be saving once the reward is in your inventory you wont be able to get the reward again, so he’ll have to turn it in then give you the reward.

I’m pretty sure this is not an illegal method as it’s not a glitch or external modification, if it is I apologise to the mods/devs.


Thank you very much for explaining. The last part you mentioned, i heard about it but i thought it was only for PC. To heae its also is an option for console is good to know! So i think im gone give it a try :slight_smile:

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