Re-introducing a "Classic" Playthrough

This is “p*ssing in the wind” but I feel more and more strongly about this topic, so I thought I’d post anyway, even if it is pointless.

I haven’t been doing TVHM. In single player, I’ve been playing to the end of the Normal campaign and stopping, hoping a level cap rise will come along and allow some degree of progression through TVHM, to make it worthwhile. In co-op, I’ve done all the endgame content at M4. Since collecting guns and “God-builds” don’t interest me, that’s done. My friends and I returned to the campaign with new characters and have just finished Normal in the mid-L40s. We decided to go to TVHM, get to Sanctuary and finish levelling up in the Heist.

It was an absolute joy to be playing “traditional” TVHM again! We were getting our fair share of Badasses and Anointed. To make up for that we were seeing equally good gear and anointments were clearly more common. After being overpowered for the last quarter or so of Normal, it was great to have a challenge and find gear better than that we’ve had for the last few sessions. More importantly, the gear continued to improve level on level. And, of course, we were getting more skill points. It was the most fun I’ve had in BL3 for ages.

More than ever, I want the traditional structure of the Borderlands games back. That is, Normal caps at L30ish, TVHM caps at L50ish and cap rises take you through the DLC and/or UVHM. But, I don’t want to take anything away from those who like endgame. As you know, there is to be a “switch” mechanic for the Takedown allowing you to play scaled or 4-player. This got me thinking.

At the moment, when we start a game, we can choose “Easy” or Normal. I suggest these options are expanded to include what I’ll call “Fastrack”. Easy will continue to do whatever it does (I’ve never tried it). Fastrack will give the rate of progression of Normal at the moment, perhaps even faster, getting the player to L50 at the end of the campaign. Normal will become the traditional playthrough, capping at around L30. All of these modes can allow for TVHM. For the Fastrack players, TVHM will continue fast progression so they can reach any new level cap asap. For the Normal players, it will continue to give a slower rate of progression, like the previous three games.

Is this possible? Well, since we have Easy, Normal and TVHM at present, I must assume there is some kind of table structure or algorithm that controls things like XP per level, mission levels, enemy types and level, etc. UVHM, for all it’s failings, was integrated into BL2 seamlessly yet it changed all the things I’ve mentioned. I would hope that this can be done more through data changes than code changes. Would it be that hard to introduce a “Normal Classic”?

Slightly OT but you’ve probably noticed that a lot of side missions are seriously underlevelled compared to the main missions at the same point in the game. I suspect BL3 was originally designed to follow its predecessors and the decision to rush to endgame was made late in development. Consequently, only some of the missions were upgraded. I suspect much of the infrastructure is in place to return to “Normal Classic”. Pure speculation but it rings true.

I really don’t know how many people here enjoy the structure of the previous games as much as I do. There are a lot of posts from endgamers but things like nerfing and drop rates affect them much more than the campaign players. So, that’s to be expected. All I can say is that BL3 will run out of steam, for me, sooner rather than later, unless some meaningful kind of progression can be returned to the game. It’s that progression that has taken up over 8000 hours of my time since the original Borderlands was released and I’d quite like to beat 10000 :smiley: