Hey. I wasnt advertising, I just don’t use forums but wanted to introduce myself. So…let’s re-introduce ourselves.

I’m not gonna reveal name, sorry and I currently work at a research firm. That’s code for place that calls you at sometimes incredibly inconvenient times to do a survey over the telephone.
Do I regret selling my soul to them? Kinda, but it beats no job most of the time (staring at a computer screen for hours at a time is only so fascinating and/or interesting).
Would I take another job in a heartbeat? So long as the pay wouldn’t be less per check and I could do the work with little doubt of being laid-off due to not performing at the higher ups standards.
Habits of mine include gaming, reading, gaming, browsing forums, gaming, watching reruns of shows I like and gaming. Less of a habit but something I do is messing around with .inis to try and make better shadows in games but this doesn’t always work well so feel free to ask for a pointer here and there but make a copy of your ini (or better yet, a log of changes done and what changed if you could tell) just in case some of my advice causes it to self destruct in your face and makes it much worse.

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Good idea. I too will not reveal my true name. Honestly I was doing it cause I did a game test with Gearbox a few months ago. They sent me an invite to another buuuut I responded too slow and the tests were already filled…

I just posted something called Blacklight! Which was marked as spam. Now that I think about it, the way I read it it did seem like advertisement spam. I was just saying I was a beast and am willing to make anyone’s first or third person shooting games easier if they want me on their team.


I’m Nate (That’s my Middle Name) and I just play Borderlands all day every day, I have a youtube channel but I still need a Capture card and a mic in order to record myself playing games. My Favorite game is Castle Crashers, favorite food is Mac & Cheese, in 4 years i’m moving to Canada for College, and also I’m Batman.

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My name is the same as a very famous GTA radio host and I speak spanish.

So, you’re a cheap Pimp from Upstate? :wink:

Long story short, friends call me Ozzy, I despise my real name, 24, long haired.


Yeah, I funded F’s New Beginnings. Now I sell Kurumas in Liberty, they run better than Dilettantes.

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I’m Sven and I just don’t know anymore.

I’m Matt. You’ll see Poisonedbite all over the internet. Chances are, its me. Unless you’re a fan of ycm, which i haven’t been on in years.

Going to with hold my name but I work at a factory as my job. I enjoy recreational firearm usage, working out, and reading. My favorite band is Disturbed. My profile name Troubled is just my nickname at work with a d slapped on it since I used to be quite the goofball at work.

Currently am working on a Borderlands 2 fan fiction that I take a crack at on and off. Originally started as an idea of ‘Can I use my profile name as a character in a story?’ and has evolved into a three hundred eighty page, 41 chapter, part one of a 2-3 ‘book’ series with a completely new faction altogether terrorizing Pandora. No I have not put it up on the internet; yet anyways.

Hai. I r Jo. I like cats

Fix’d cause you know it to be true :smile_cat:

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Cool. Nice to meet everyone. Hopefully I’ll see yall around when I get new games.