Re-match option please

I think it would be nice to have an option at the end of a match to be able to “run it back” to use a basketball term. After a hard fought battle between two equally matched teams, having the option to rematch each other would be nice. Maybe on any incursion game where it ends 50-50 and has to go to score(which as of right now isn’t really an accurate indicator of who contributes the most), or on a meltdown game that’s competitive, a vote is made possible. Even if it had to be completely unanimous at least it would be something. Too often I go from an exciting hard fought match, to matches that are over in the first few minuets due to surrender and unbalanced teams. I think this would help with overall match quality in the future. Just a thought.


A rematch option would be a nice feature. They have this in Rainbow Six: Siege where the team can vote to play again or not. There would need to be a return to matchmaking for everyone though first to fill any gaps made by people who leave.

I approve of this idea.

Great idea! I’m sure people would love this

Considering the long que times in aust (PC) i wouldn’t mind this

I would like that simply because you get to play with people you can rely on, including the enemy team. However, after such a match I need a smoke and probably take a leak.

This would be cool.

I would LOVE this. Soo many great matchups and it;d be amazing if there was an option where me and my clan could go " you guys are amazing, wanna go again" and get another great quality game. I’m ALL FOR this.