RE : Putting all the mini Lore's from prior Battleplans in here

Seems like the obvious thing to do, right?

If the lore’s are actually cannon (are they?), then it would be awesome for the game to have all of them contained together! I never really bothered to read them all since they were so broken up (and i was more interested in the hotfixes than lore updates when reading battleplans), but with them in their own area and confirmed as official cannon, I would look forward to reading through.

If they are not cannon and just instead the insane ramblings of a random GbX member, then we can keep them away from here :0


There is no reason why “the insane ramblings of a random GbX member” can’t ALSO be canon.


Haha, @dante_d_silva, AKA “Random Gearbox Member”, i didn’t know that you were ALSO insane! I should start a thread/club that excludes everyone who isn’t mentally unstable…


Every lore update is vetted by @Jythri and myself; I’m fairly certain they are considered canonical. Rath is indeed the new Warmaster, Shayne is a captain in the Rogues, and Mazes and Minions is a totally real d19 RPG system.
This is as real as it gets, homie.


In that case, let’s get them somehow organized interestingly into this entire new section! I think it would be amazing to do


Sounds good to me! There are quite a few; if you’re willing to wait, I can do it myself, but I’ve still got non-forum work to do in the meantime. If you prefer to take the helm, hey, power to you!
Not sure on what the ideal format would be–just a series of copy-paste posts? A bunch of links? What’s your druthers?


Then for God’s sake, man, just throw out a name-ANY name -after “Toby”, so he can finally have a canonical last name! @Benedict_87’s “Toby Sardianus IV” is all i have to work with, not that it isn’t funny; i just like staying within the bounds of the official lore where possible…

I swear, if i have to listen to my fellow RPers say “August Benedict” or “Sgt. Ernest Igrin” one more f*cking time, as Toby- JUST “Toby” -continues to be treated like a red-headed step-child, i’m gonna legit cry… Nevermind that i’m laughing as i type this!

I’ll even take a canonical REASON for him not having a last name, such as Finisci not being considered “Aviant enough” to warrant having one, sad as that is to consider. Or maybe “Toby” is his slave-name, which was whipped into him, like in Roots; maybe his REAL name is a series of honking barks, and the other Aviant species had to teach the Finisci “galactic common” to communicate with them? ANYTHING!!

Rocks slowly back and forth while hugging knees.


Toby The Finisci. It’s all you need. (Don’t forget to emphasize the “The” in the middle when you say it or read it. It’s important.)


Legitimately lol’d.
I’ll speak with Yung Reezy Veezy and see what’s what. Another thing to bear in mind is that typically I don’t like just spouting one-off bits of info, I prefer to couch it in the context of the Battleborn environment and narrative, so, ideally, there would be some reason for his full name to be used.
It’s just the Rogues are so casual with their nomenology and record-keeping that it’s not something that really comes up as it would in the UPR (if only he’d made it in!). The only reason Reyna’s is known is because she’s like, the most famous Rogue anywhere.
Though, amusingly, we now also know Gustav’s last name :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been one of those who were copy-pasting Battleplans to reddit which included some of the lore sections.

Could run through my posts and copy them back here, if you need and want some help with it?


See, THIS^ is more like it, because it makes perfect sense. Thank you! I’ll continue to be patient and hopeful for now… But i’m willing to grab hostages!

Haha! Ah… Wouldn’t THAT be one hell of a news broadcast: “Crazy man vows to kill hostages if animated talking penguin isn’t given a last name”.

Can’t have a surname… Can’t join the UPR…

Walks away muttering and throwing up hands.


Added two of the the Darkspace Operations parts. Don’t think I need to search for more of the mini lore bits, since they are already collected in this thread.


What knees? Penguins don’t have knees.


Also, YES, both penguins and Finisci DO have knees! They’re just located inside our bodies!


Wait people haven’t forgotten about that? I should probably update it then. I kept meaning to but kept getting distracted until I forgot. But hey, the long weekend will give me time.

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To be honest: I didn’t know this thread existed, didn’t expect that it is a thing and therefore didn’t search.

When I tried to post the Orendi lore, the forum was nice enough to show me a list of similar threads to it and your’s was in there. I think it might be better if your thread is moved in here instead of me spamming the section with all the stuff I copied to reddit for months. :slight_smile:

Question, will we ever have lore on attikus and his time becoming the Lord of the pit as he fought in there and the publics reactions to him when he became intelligent. And will we get some story on how long pendles and alani know each other, and about how well they know each other

Also, is pendles the most professional rogue


No, Reyna is; she LEADS them, haha.


Oh yeaah, who owns a buisness, who did toby say was a great and PROFESSIONAL guy himself, who has the most polite (not over apologetic) manner of speaking of all the rogues CAM