Re released or backwards comparable (Consoles)

With the PS5 gameplay event this week and the topic of backwards compatability becoming more topical I was wondering what people think will happen with BL3. Will the game re release itself like most games of the past generation(PS3 and 360) or consoles or will it come with us to the next generation of systems. Microsoft seems to have plans for making most players libraries transfer over but we don’t exactly know what Sony is doing.

I know BL3 is far from “finished” between future free updates and the paid for content there is still much content to come. When all that is said and done do you think they will remaster the game farther polishing performance or simply continue to patch the existing game. Opinions? Thoughts? Conserns?

I hope and expect to get a full patch on next-gen consoles without any additional costs.


I’m curious how Sony will address this. The MS version, where the system will simply download whatever version of a game is best suited to run on specific hardware, is interesting. To some extent, it would seem to undermine the idea of ‘remaster’ completely.

Most likely in the form of Game of the Year in two year time.
They will add some features, contents and gears. Performance enhanced and whatnot.