Re-roll anoited bugs and repeated drops bug

Several bonuses are buggy (do not appear).
I spent 200k of eridium to get the “on action skill start” and none came, I tested it on several shields and nothing.
To make sure of that, I downloaded different saves from the internet that had shields with this bonus, and guess what? When I take them to Re-roll they just don’t show up.
Then I saw that in addition to this bonus, several others do not appear either, several weapons do not appear either.
I tried to delete the profile.sav and starting another one, but file and it didn’t work, it’s something with my copy of the game.
The other bug is related to drops.
There’s not much to talk about… the game has hundreds of weapons in the world drop, but for me it only drops about 10… it only comes out different when a dedicated item drops, but otherwise, it’s always repeated.