Re-Roll Needs An Overhaul

With the release of the newest update/hot fix, the meta has shifted. This means new builds, new anoints, etc.

For a console player like myself, this means rather than spending time with returning seasonal content, we have to spend all our time farming eridium to roll new anoints. This might not be so bad, except it is too easy to spend hours farming eridium, to spend it in seconds, and have nothing.

It’s not like on PC where there are other options to bypass this.

Wasn’t the purpose of re-roll to make it easier to get new anoints without farming gear?

Part of the problem is rolling class anoints for classes that don’t apply. Why would a Beastmaster care about Operative, Gunner, or Siren anoints?

If it HAS to be RNG based, rather than buy said option at set price, couldn’t it be possible to make it so the tables ignore class anoints that don’t apply?

I mean, I was happy with my uRad build, but if GB really wants it to be about classes so bad, that they have to change the entire meta, can’t they throw console players a bone so we can actually focus on the fun content rather than spending days or weeks farming resources?

I remember it took me about 100,000 eridium to get ONE anoint on my Trickshot. It’s not economical. If the entire game is farming a build to only have to start farming ANOTHER build immediately after because the meta shifts again, there’s no incentive to actually play.

I can’t even get a FAA 150 anoint. But that’s one they wanted us to use SO bad.


Yeah, the re-roll machine is the sole reason for me even coming back to the game, but alas, I’m on PC and have 99k eridium. They should make it 25 eridium per re-roll, or make it use cash, or something. Not sure how you’d balance this but I can tell you having to not worry about the cost is a godsend for enjoyability of the rest of the game.

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Yeah agreed. I ve just spent 10, 000 erodium to get an anoint and still ended up getting skunked. All I do now is the cartels because I have to keep farming for the right anoints really frustrating.

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Agreed, hope they decrease the 250 eridium to like 50-100, along with diamond keys becoming more possible…the game is at the end of it’s life cycle. Just help us out a bit