Re-Router shield very likely bugged

Hi, made an account after testing out the Re-Router shield I just dropped and had some concerns!
1st off the damage bonus seems to not be 120%. If it’s even there it’s more like 20%. This in turn impacts the healing. I couldn’t tell if the healing was working or not due to the previous problem but tried throwing on a Bloodletter class mod and my shields were not healed what so ever so it could be an improperly labelled tag.

I tested this with a Flakker, Ogre, Jericho and a Lydia so it’s single projectile, splash damage and multi projectile weapons which don’t work with Re-Router.

This was tested against Grave and his little monkey friends on TVHM M3 PS4.

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Bump for visibility!

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I was messing around with this because I play Moze and have it at 100% practically all the time and literally couldn’t even tell if it was working. My damage felt exactly the same, not the giant boost I was expecting considering 120% SHOULD be an absolutely massive increase. Actually made a post about this before I noticed yours in a google search of all things lol

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Bump for more visibility! I’ve seen others use it effectively so a skill in Moze’s skill tree could be breaking the formula?

Something is funky…would love to know if this is a known issue or not!