Re-selecting a character in the pre-game screen

I can’t even tell you guys how many times I’ve gotten into a game, picked a damage-dealer character, and then watched as my whole team also picks damage dealers, one by one.

After that I just have to sit in that pre-game screen for a minute, contemplating what decisions I have made in my life to get me to this point.

All I’m saying is; if I’m allowed to go back and pick a different Gear loadout after I’ve already picked one, I should be able to go back and pick a different character too

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I agree, but you could just wait to see what everyone else picks.

Have to say, I agree completely with the OP. True, you could wait forever for the team to finally pick their character. It is far more convenient to display your intentions before locking in your character, though. Smite is a great example. You are able to select a character, displaying this information with the rest of the team. Once a satisfactory team composition has been achieved, you can then select the character again to “lock them in”. A feature like this would be nice in Battleborn.


I’m cool with this.

Highlight, then confirm.

I agree because I’m blind and the characters move ive noticed. I keep selecting the wrong character and wish I could go back and reselect or just wish had a way to know which character was which on the select screen.