[Re-Stocked!]One Stop Shop. Check list in link below 12-18-19

LF: New Maliwan DLC weapons!. Antifreeze Zane mods with weapon dmg/Grenade Dmg/Splash DMG any mix of those and will trade 5 items for a Godly Roll. Lumps/Scourges with digi clone weapon reload on swap or 130 weapon dmg digi clone. Legendary shields/nades with 50% Bonus element dmg or nade thrown gain 25% weapon dmg. Or make me an offer! :slight_smile: LMK what you want to trade for.

I took a break and now I am back to take offers. I also launched an all Xbox Borderlands 3 community. See link below:

List link below:

Have a rad rowans with 130 digiclone swap dmg if ur interested

sure message me your gamertag. We can meet up later.

Tr1p1nSquirrelZ ill be on after work

Anything else you’d be looking to trade that cryo Lucian’s Call w/130% for?

Also what about the Shady Sonic Boom Infiltrator mod w/25% wep dmg?

Can I get the Moze Bloodletter Desperate Entranced?

There are several items I would like to trade to get I will make a list of what I have that you might like and get back with you

@frisco.doyle Any good zane anoint weapons? Any 100% weapon dmg on Action Skill End?

@N8d0ggz What do you have to trade?

Sorry I didn’t realize this was Xbox. I’m on ps4

What zane annointments are acceptable for you? I don’t really use much outside of barrier ones rn.

@giotribue sntnl bonus cryo dmg one or the 130% damage on digi swap. I still want your rowans later. Also if you have any Tediore shotguns MIRVS 5 Projectile that homes in anointed.

@Aldwinn88 sweet, lmk

Whats ur gt sending now

@giotribue You don’t want to do it in game? You didn’t say what you wanted. Gamertag is the same as my name here. CLo33

We can if you want. Interested in self
Terror recurring cryo hex if u still have it

Dont send me that yet i may not have the rowans cycling my characters to look for it now shoot.

Shoot forgot i traded that recently. Still have a fire lucians with extra projectile if u want that. I found a homing mirv everblast in fire but its green. Idk i can throw in some other annointeds like 100% sntnl cryo lifesteal babymaker or a fearmonger.

i’m good on those :confused:/

u can still have the hex grenade. Lmk.