Guys, whats up when your lvl 42 and done everything except mayhem mode and you have weapons lvl 50 and the new DLC ahead of you, but you kinda want to try the Mayhem mode and got ■■■■■■ up at the 2nd door after Tannis, but then you realize your weapons are complete ■■■■■ after taking a hard look? Where so I go from here? Follow Moxxi? Or Cisterns or MP? What?


Can I even Mayhem on my own? Or just got ■■■■ weps and ■■■■? Cause my Melee is destroying

I put my own thoughts here for someone else

depending what you did you could probably skip the first sentence.

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Stop thinking so hard and go kill stuff already, you can do whatever you want , try M1 if you don’t feel confident even with your current gear you should not have much trouble. If you want to lv up and do something different dlc is a good place, whatever drops here is relatively easy to get.

You can do so much stuff to level up. Run the prving grounds and slaughter, kill a few bosses, play multiplayer (proving grounds and slaughter) or Start a new run on THVM. THVM seems not be very usefull atm in comparison to THVM in bl2, but I believe its going to be usefull someday. With the skip cutscene update THVM shouldnt be a pain anymore.