Reaching into his/her pouch

Something that’s always nagged at me;
Why do Sir Hammerlock, in Liar’s Berg, and Lilith, in Sanctuary, reach into their thigh pouches before taking something from the Vault Hunter?
Hammerlock does it right before you hand him Clappy’s eye, and Lilith reaches into her pouch right before you hand her the eridium fragments during Rising Action.
Why? What are they getting? Are they putting something away (not visible)?

And yes, once again I’m obsessing about a more than trivial detail, but someone had to program/script and motion capture the action, so It Must Mean Something !.
Who clearly has too little in his brain to keep busy with.


Pehaps the pouch needs to be opened. A zipper, or something like that.

There’s also the possibility that whoever did the script for this particular animation was having a bad day, and simply got the order wrong. Like… “Put thing into pouch” followed by “get thing from VH”.

It might also have something to do with the fact that script-guy/girl feels that he/she is underpaid, and had decided to show off how “good” they really are. The plot thickens!


Diabolitical Sabotagie! I like it!


The practical answer is that there’s likely only one animation for the interaction between all characters, regardless of whether they are giving or receiving an item.

I suspect this may be related to the infamous ‘Coffee Guy’ incident (which you can review on these very forums for yourself!) Conspiracy theories abound… :mag:


Beat me too it. I wondered this exact thing. Then realized that it’s the same animation when they give you something, Talon of God is a good example to see a few iterations of it. I think the only character with a unique animation for it is Moxxxi. We all know where that pocket is…:smirk:

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