Reaching Max Move Speed as Fl4k

I’m a player who absolutely loves going fast. So, I’ve been on a hunt for obtaining the maximum possible movement speed as fl4k, without using any other character’s boost. So, what’s the best gear possible?

Here’s what I’ve discovered so far. If there’s something faster, please let me know.

Snowdrift victory rush (if open space)

victory rush w/ 12% movement speed (if not open space)

A shield with 17% movement speed while full (is this even possible? I’ve only ever seen one on a random youtube video. Can this spawn on a legendary shield?)


Skills/action skill
Jabber Pet

+3 in The Fast and the Furryous and +5 into Barbaric Yawp

Fade away w/ Until You Are Dead

Class mod:
A class mod with +3 in The Fast and the Furryous (like a St4ckbot)


Cosmic Stalker with +3 in big game and +2 in interplanetary stalker (This class mod is faster then the above build, but only while killing beasts and getting the kill skill)


Bounty Hunter (this class mod technically grants 17% more movement speed then the Fast and the Furryous class mod, however it only works while shooting an enemy with enough projectiles)

So, did I miss anything? I’d love to know. Thanks for the help!

Speed demon as your easy mayhem modifier.


There is an annointment for 8% movement speed after issuing an Attack Command if you’re real desperate to maximize FL4K’s movement speed.

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Sadly, this modifier does more for movement speed than all - or at least most - of the spec and gear choices the OP indicated above in their post. Kind of weird and sad.


Thanks! I completely forgot about that one. Yeah I don’t know why the boost is so high :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a fantastic choice for Zane