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Howdy everyone! We’ve set aside this area of the forum for any info we need to convey regarding Mod support, known issues discussion, ongoing work, etc.

You should see actual articles and info (tools/examples) here in the very near future. I’m extremely excited to start talking more about quite a few things - and I’m not the only team member planning to do that. I think you’ll all be very happy with the level of engagement and pace we’d like to attain.

However, for the time being I wanted to put a few ideas down to sort of frame the conversations we’ll have, and how they would best function. It’s a bit of a mixed-bag of ideas, so bear with me:

  • The idea behind the ‘resources’ area is that we can post articles/examples/etc that provide all of you with extra info, concrete examples, ‘best practices’ advice, etc. We may at times get something wrong - and letting us know that is great. Not being able to get something we explain working, or venting at us - not really a good way to foster more communication.
  • Sometimes the tone of conversations can get personal or make assertions about us as developers (‘you don’t care’, ‘you didn’t respect’) - generally those sorts of comments are best handled by Moderators, etc. But understand, we’re here to help and talk - hopefully LOTS - so keeping the tone civil is extremely important. We can’t and won’t argue - but at some point that means not talking.
  • There’s a pretty strong line between ‘Mod’ tools and balance choices/discussions. In general a given topic will be constrained to one subject or the other - please respect that. There will be ample space for a wide range of discussions.
  • Sometimes a Mod feature or design behavior won’t be implemented or designed in the ideal way - along the lines of ‘oh if it only worked like X we could do Y’. Talking about that is okay, even welcomed - because the more we can focus on changes or work that would have a positive impact to the overall gameplay or modding experience, the better. At the same time, pushing for a specific feature (the classic squeaky wheel mentality) is likely to do the exact opposite.
  • It’s very bad policy to promise things before we are sure we can deliver. I think it’s easy to understand that we won’t do that. At the same time understand that we want to be able to talk about solutions/fixes/ideas and really help define what would be best for everyone. The goal would be to determine that a code change or edit (or tool update, etc) would be helpful - then go do it however/whenever possible. No conversations about that sort of thing should be taken as a certainty or promise that we can do the work. Some things may simply fall outside the scope of ‘justifiable work’, for many reasons that we may not be at liberty to disclose.
  • If we provide a guide or give advice (a best practice) then it is very likely we won’t support alternate approaches to that work. If we say: Do it A->B->C - and people add steps, inject other tools, etc - things will quickly devolve into systems we can’t support or offer any sort of assistance with. It’s not just ‘do it at your own risk’ - because that’s always the case. It is a bit more than that because if we can’t set out solid ways to do things we’ll be wasting everyone’s time, and move on to other topics that are more fruitful.
  • Similarly consider that tools we release will get updates, as well as the game itself. External tools may not always play nice with those updates. We can’t support things we didn’t release - and if our ongoing care and feeding breaks work done outside of the ecosystem we’ve endorsed - there’s little to nothing we’ll be able or willing to do about it. At the same time a large goal will be to not break stuff we document - let us know if things appear to be acting strange or not at all!

That’s all for now - I look forward to showing everyone the remastered ‘ropes’ and seeing what you all do with the tools/information!

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