Read-only farming without alt-tabbing?

So I’ve watched a few videos of people farming for stuff in missions and they read-only their saves. Nothing I don’t know about. The thing is, they somehow do it without alt-tabbing out of the game. They say: “oh now read-only” and just continue to play. Is it a mod or a command to do that?

Probably a Windows macro or something similar using a 3rd party tool. Moving to PC tech support section, since this is a platform-specific question.

It’s quite simple. No 3rd party tools or anything dubious. I’m going to be lazy and post @Worblehat’s instructions:

So do you think the posters @Jostabeere was referring to simply edited out the alt-tab from their videos, did it before hand, or had something set up to toggle read-only without the switch?

Shouldn’t do. You don’t actually need to leave the game once you’ve set the save file to read-only. All you need to do is quit the game to the main menu, re-select the character you’re playing and it will reload the game exactly as it was previously.

Example : complete Fink’s with “Maya” but don’t turn in mission for the Hail — quit to desktop — set save file to read-only — load game and turn in mission — quit to menu — select “Maya” — the mission will be available to turn in again — repeat ad nauseum.

So in the videos they might have done that before starting the recording? Could well be.