Read-Only mode?

A few minutes ago I was blocked from posting… “A moderator has enabled read only mode.” banner across the top of my screen.

I can obviously post now…

Was I temporarily flagged/Censured by a Mod?

If this is in the wrong forum I apologize.

This happened to me yesterday as well. I just refreshed a couple of times and it went away. Don’t know what the deal was though

Yeah it was kinda nuts. I was like… “O rly now…”

After hitting a few other threads it changed.

Rather odd.

This seems to happen at least once a day. Pretty sure its an automated feature controlled by the system.

And no worries. You werent flagged for anything. Everyone sees that message if they are around when it happens. It goes away after a minute or 2.


Thanks @Kitty_Jo for setting me straight on this. I started wondering if I did something other than annoy folks with a long-winded comment lol…