Ready for next 'event weekend'

Aside from XP, I’m not really sure what that’d be exactly. Maybe Discounted loot or specialty challenges for XP bonuses (2x - 5x? in a match?) or something.

I loved double XP since it got people who may have JUST started to get a ‘Master of’ to actually try some new characters.

Are they going to be doing weekly event?

The only thing I want is a free weekend so I can grab my friends and make them try the game.
The double exp was great but I still can’t master a character…


Probably, we will see. They announce those stuff closely to the release date.

Given that Alani’s on the way for players who didn’t get early access to her, I think double credit weekend is in order. :slight_smile:

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Maybe a triple, who knows.

Not that I had any problems with her cost but I think if they offered a 1.5x or 2x Credits weekend(like only the weekend not 4-5 days like last one) it would be a nice olive branch for people who for whatever reason felt Alani’s cost was unreasonable.

Rather, they can reduce it to a decent price.

See this is what I hate, a character that could’ve been 100% paid DLC is free and people are complaining that it costs too much. Great then buy the DLC. Making content isn’t free and neither is upkeep of the game. Be glad that the characters are free and you don’t have to pay $$$ to play them.

Now back to topic, what I would like to see would be a free weekend for people to download and try the game, whilst also having every character unlocked (Aside from Alani) for that weekend time since 2 days is not a good time span to get many characters and if you’re trying the game it would be great to have all characters available because they are bound to find one they like.


Yeah but that does nothing for season pass holders or people who unlocked her already.

Events try to be as inclusive as possible to entire player base. EVERYONE would love extra credits for a weekend heh.

I’d agree with the unlocking every character for those to try but you know what would happen? If they get the game afterward they will just complain that they have to unlock the characters, so its probably best if they did a free weekend to keep it like the beta.

We already paid for something in return, so yeah, these characters must’ve already unlocked, just like they are. There is nothing to be glad of, there are plenty of games with considerable artwork and content offered for free with a price, without a price. Making content surely isnt for free and there are lots of proper ways to make money and turn this into profit. I find this games released dlc inappropriate that adds a character into itself plus a character unlock key. You have to understand that usage of “free” means “spending a considerable amount of time to get that content which also forces some players to pay and buy, since it requires high amounts of time to acquire”. Gearbox is following tricky way to turn stuff into money, I appreciate it but the game just got out and had its first implement, its just a character, and the price forces you to buy it through real money since and grinding that much is a serious time of gameplay, which mostly pushes players to buy it with real money, or prefer cheaper investment options like gearboxes. You are right at your side and I think I am right at my side. There is no need to discuss it further. I really appreciate your opinion, I’ve had several comments about this subject in respective discussion topics in the previous days, and dont want to dive back in the same things because I’ve got tired of discussing it . If really you want to discuss this further, please message me privately to keep brainstorming about this. :slight_smile: