Real or Fake you decide

In this thread we post videos and pictures of things we think are real/fake. Others will then discuss if they think there real/fake.

I’ll start

Looks fake to me but I am a believer in these kinds of things

It’s all fake. /thread.

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You live in a state full of paranormal things. Got any good stories?

I have stories that would chill your bones. The most chilling, incidentally, happened in rural Ohio, in a field. I have quite a high spiritual awareness, and I really don’t like talking about this because it still flips me out. You see:

Back in 2009, We were homeless for a while. in Ohio. Well, I ran into an old school friend, and we get to talking. She tells me they have a tent set up in the field behind their house. Hell yeah. So we get settled in, sleeping. Next thing I know, I sit bolt upright, with our kitten asleep on my chest. I checked my phone - midnight. And I could FEEL…a presence, getting closer. I left the kitten with katie, as cats are excellent protectors. I booked it to the house, and as soon as she opened the door and saw me face, she knew. Jaime is also highly aware, and her house is majorly warded. Guess the spirit (which was VERY MALEVOLENT) sensed easy pickings. SO we jump in the car, back to the tent, get Katie and the kitten and haul ass to the house. As warded as that house is, it couldn’t get in. That didn’t stop it from showing itself to me telepathically. I have never been so scared. And I am always surrounded by spirits. Though it was several years before I realized what the tentacles meant…

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I’ve decided that this whole thread is fake. :dukecigar:

Just kidding, Pimp. It’s a joke because you said “decided” instead of “decide”. :dukecheese: As for the video, it’s fake. I’d be more inclined to believe it if the person who was being chased hadn’t gone off camera before they were chased.

@Poisonedbite: damn, man. I’m glad I’ve never had to go through anything like that. :dukeohnoes:

The “ghost” is camera trickery.
You can see it is the person running away, you can see the arms on the “ghost” move the same way as the person plus the ghost has the same clothes.
It has nothing to do with them going off camera.

Fixed that.

Btw am I the only one who’s gonna post stuff? <----not just towards you gulfwulf

I posted here.
Am I real or fake?

Well if the picture I saw of you WiP tattoo is to be believed then I’d say your real

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