Real Women and Fake Men

are we counting sirens as “natural”?

They were born with their powers, so I would say “yes.”

As a female gamer, it makes me happy to see strong female characters in a game, instead of a woman in a skimpy outfit who looks like she should be working a street corner. I am also happy that there are more than just one female character to play as. In the original Borderlands, there was Lilith. In the second one, you had Maya, and Gaige if you payed for her. Now, you have two on the base game (Athena and Nisha) and one up for grabs as a download (Aurelia). This is them stepping into a newer territory, trying to encourage more female gamers to play the game because they can play as incredibly strong female characters. This is all just my opinion though.


i’m a major feminist, however, i have never had a problem with sexy female characters, as long as they are just as good as the males. it’s fantasy. that’s half the fun. i like playing a sexy chick.

No, the characters are sexy, but not sexualized. That’s what Moxxi is for.

moxxi is still a badass.

That’s exactly what I meant. Thank you

You can’t put claptrap in a group with either of those. It’s impossible for him to be anything outside of his programming, the others chose to be like that

And also you’re looking way too deeply into this

I don’t think Gaige’s mechanical arm really counts toword making her an artificial entity; she cut it off by accident and then replaced the arm with a metal one. but her powers are not dependent on the arm; she could digistruct Deathtrap from any reasonable object.

Actually, no. She accidentally put a gash in it several times before healing it with a health vial. After so many times she said f*ck it and made the conscious decision to cut it completely off and replace it.

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regardless, her arm has nothing to do with her power set. Wilhelm is all about cybernetics (gimme, gimme, gimme) and his skills an abilities are based off it that. Gaige just has a mechanical arm, the Deathtrap is a product of her mind and Anarchy is a product of her ideology.

Actually, the digi-structor for DT is in that fake arm… as well as her digi-claws.

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I will agree to some of these statements. however I think most of us are looking way too far into this. in a game where at least half the population is openly gay if not more, I believe it was the creator’s intention to blur the traditional gender lines so much that none of it mattered. male, female ,robotic, alien each with their own skill set and play style. but a bad ass just the same.I say the character list is split pretty neutral for the whole reason none other than people don’t want to buy a blank slate

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These are interesting observations that I hadn’t really considered. I don’t think anyone needs to take or find offense in them (but I’m sure some people will). Thanks for sharing them.

For better or worse, the series has definitely explored gender issues in the last few games, although I’m inclined to think what you are seeing is something the developers weren’t consciously aiming at. This is the cool part about analyzing and interpreting art.

well said @htmensch77!!! it’s fun to dissect and discuss!!!

That’s the deepest thing you have ever said, who wrote that for you

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The fictional world of Pandora has its own laws and realities. The characters inside of this universe are the product of the creative minds and writers for the Borderlands series.

How would people feel about about a full blown Alien VH like and cross between a Guardian/Xenomorph? And a proper hardcore robot like Terminator/Robocop?

Tough, kick arse female characters are great and everything but a bit tiresome as it’s an overdone stereotype in the gaming industry, as are meat head badass men

Big difference between Wilhelm and Gaige Wilhelms a killer, a merc for hire who will do anything for money and pursues cybernetic implants due to frailties in his human body. Gaige on the other hand is a science and tech wiz who happened to enter into the vault hunting gig. no comparison. The whole women are better than men thing is a pointless thing to discuss. Theres no real one stronger than another because it all focuses around on how you build your character, all there is to it, case closed.

Zer0 isn’t human, he only has 4 fingers. I think I speak for everyone when I say he’s awesome.
Also, I reckon BL is good at poking fun at the overdone stereotypes. Krieg is a meathead, but he’s out of his meatheaded mind. Aurelia has badass skills, but she isn’t really tough, just a pampered rich girl who buys expensive sniper rifles. Nisha is kinda stereotypical but a lot of the stuff she does is pretty sickening when you look at it.