Reallly surprised nobody is saying Ernest is overpowered

Personally I wouldn’t say he is overpowered I would just say he is not a support considering he deals more burst damage than mellka with all her skills a character that specializes in burst damage he can deal more with his primary weapon only, yes mellka can do burst damage more consistently but by the time she does that Ernest would have that person dead.ok maybe he is a little op especially if you land your shots I can usually always land my shots really well even against small characters and I every game I end up with a score of around 4-6 kills 0-1 deaths and
6-16 assist which is pretty amazing while they say he is a defender yes he is but he is more of a pusher and since I can do really well with Ernest even if I have horrible teammates (happens to me 90% of the time) I can win every game. the main point is a good Ernest is unstoppable


i’d say he’s a support in his egg itself, with it he can just support himself as well.

He’s listed as a “lane pusher” in his description. I think he’s quite balanced, but they’ll have to wait for the full release and accompanying data before they decide if any changes to him are necessary

Yes but he in my opinion he is a attacking pusher you get the highest attack damage and speed your dps goes through the roof with or without gear he is amazing but over the next week I am going to find a build for him that will just dominate the battlefield probally get a dps of around 450 with the egg

I didn’t think I would like Ernest but I absolutely love the way he plays.

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Power Egg is ridiculous. Has anyone tried using Isic’s ult near an egg? You won’t be disappointed.


Miko, ISIC, Ernest

new meta

well, you have to look at it a couple ways.

When in his egg radius and with attack speed and reload gear, he’s sending out DPS WAAAY faster than Benedict. Like, it’s not even a question.

The kicker is that benedict is more mobile and can get away from stuff.

Ernest is pretty much stationary bombing character that leaves him open for sniper shots.

So yes, I say his DPS is waaaaaaay OP. But the fact that he’s not mobile and needs his egg it balances him out well.

I use 2 attack speed items and a double reload speed and take the reload speed and attack speed helix choices. That guy is sending grenades out the door so damn fast!

Holy ■■■■■■■ run-on sentence :joy:

But yeah I think he does a little too much damage. His egg benefits him more than anybody. I mean, you give him attack speed off the bat then give him reload speed at level 2? Most Ernest’s just use the egg for themselves and get the helix choices that only fit them best. I wish the egg had more health and wasn’t so potent for Ernest that he can just whore his egg all game. To be honest, it doesn’t add any real level of dynamicism that wasn’t already there. Here’s to hoping they make him tankier/less lethal

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Apparently, no one seems to feel that it is necessary to state something so blatantly obvious.

He is a defender and pusher. He does both equally well. He’s definitely not a support.

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Usually I do fine without his egg I mean I try to stay near it as much as I can but if I want to kill that person over there I just take 5 seconds out of my day

Yeah it’s super easy

I will bet my third nut he sees a few adjustments to damage.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Ernie’s damage come down, but I don’t think he’s desperately OP right now.

Those grenades are still harder to land than many other primary fires, his escape ability is low, and his frame is pooky.

I’ve not seen any Ernests absolutely DOMINATE a game. I’ve seen Ernests who were really good and lost games against them, but I expect those guys are just really good players. Even then, my teammates and I weren’t fully hopeless in managing the guy.

He does what he’s supposed to: clears waves like a champ, holds terrain, buffs allies.

Question: has anybody really been using the Defense Mode of Power Egg? My findings have been you generally survive much better by killing the guy attacking you faster thanks to attack/damage/reload buff and Rotten Egg than worrying about switching over to DR. I’ve used Eggslowerator, but been kind of disappointed with the results.

Yeah I made a thread on this. The dps you get from attack egg is required to fight off the people trying to kill your egg. Putting up the defense egg makes you significantly more vulnerable. It’s kind of ironic in a way. I’ve even been starting to see people leap on the egg after I turn it to defense mode in an effort to kill it quickly. I don’t ever use defense mode, but when I do… Well the egg died again

Had few games against him.
Dont feell he is broken as Pendles/Alani from start.
Never-ever seen defensive egg.
Think we will se a bit of rebalance of his abilities with nerfing dmg and boosting defensive abilities.
Had him in nasty Kleese combo but team did good job with focused fire so i have not feell hes trully op.

I guess it’s just me I find his shots easy to land my first game I probally landed most of my shots I may just be good at finding the angle to hit somebody which idk why I have always been good in that way with grenade launchers I had a 1v1 with a master of Ernest and I had him mostly dead while he didn’t even have my shield down I should probally play more Ernest before he gets nerfed

Yeah, some people are just better at seeing the angles for his arcing shots. I’ve even pulled off a few really nifty deflected shots off walls and the like to hit someone ducking in and out of cover. I feel like I have better success hitting with him at mid-long range than I do Benedict, and his projectiles go straight. I just don’t have as good a feel for leading the target with Benny.

Hitting with Ernest hasn’t been my problem, escaping has.

I’ve had a rough go keeping Ernie alive in PvP. Survival is an overall weakness of my game, but it’s particularly problematic with the pooky bird, I find. If I can’t land enough grenade shots to dissuade a melee as they close, it’s probably not gonna end well for me.

I do feel it’s relevant to mention that these melees who have given me trouble are definitely what I’d call GOOD players.

Nade jump.