Really battleborn, like REALLY?!

So the game has already been out for a couple of weeks and has had beta testing, I’m currently in a match against the same player who has been exploiting a never ending shield. I mean cmon gearbox this is getting out of control aimbots, people hitting sentry from healcamp and from strange angles, TONS of unbalanced champs broken matchmaking. The more i play the game there more problems I am running into that is just ruining the quality of the game.

To be perfectly honest I’m really sick of it, i really like this game, but the mechanics are just way too wacky so i think imma have to put it down for awhile and just monitor it I really want to be behind this full out but im starting to want to tell my bro and couple of buds don’t even bother getting it. Idk if there are who i can talk to ,to report hacking or cheating players, the game doesn’t offer any form of reporting or surveying so here i am both disappointed and disgusted.

I’m assuming this is on PC? If so, hacks or aimbots aren’t surprising. Also, I wouldn’t go around spreading hate about the game, it just lowers its reputation and doesn’t help at all. There are different tactics, like marquis sniping the first incursion sentry from their ledge. That’s getting sorted out in a future patch. The game is still really young and it’s you’re choice to give it a break until a few things are sorted but it’s best not to give it a bad reputation this early on.

Also, there are people here who you can talk to about specific issues. Not sure who exactly but it will be heard most likely.

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No it was actually on console my ps4 the same guy and playing levels where his shield WILL NOT decrease, I looked through his gear, and he was using rath and i know rath doesn’t have any helix’s of the sort that would do that as well as there is no gear to give perma shield.

I haven’t said anything about spreading hate, but advocating the truth and telling people it has tons of flaws that still aren’t fixed especially some of which made it through the beta. It’s not about hate at all, but I’m sure not about to cling to blind loyalty either.

People hacking on pc is just what happens. It’s why avoid using pc (that and getting top quality pc rig would cst as much as a used car).

It sucks it happens, but don’t expect it to go away. Even if they ban players, others will do it.

Unfortunately every game has hackers like this. I think this link for submitting gearbox support ticket might be of help. I used it all the time for shift help on Bl when I kept losing my limited edition heads and skins on patches. I also used it to report cheaters not sure if they got banned though. I highly recommend you showing proof with videos or pictures or stats or something. Everything helps. Maybe even look at their steam profile and see if they have videos of them hacking or cheating such as a YouTube channel.

Btw I love the username. Is Haku around?

yea I already submitted a ticket and I pray they can review the game by it’s serial code or something. It is asking alot like an Russian insurance policy for the victim to prove it by means of recording it, especially on my console where it can’t support streaming& attempting to record while live gaming is difficult not to mention I am not profound at doing so. I recorded the user’s name and hopefully if he cheats again they can see it or see others reporting the same user and do something about it.

But thanks for the link

I hear some other games on ps4 have had an influx of hackers/cheaters lately. Maybe it’s just bad timing lol

I’m on PS4 aswell and have experienced no hacks whatsoever. Not sure how people are able to do that.

NP sorry I couldn’t be of more help. If you’re on PS4 you can actually record a short clip like X1 does by navigating to the quick menu for thing like unexpected gameplay such as crazy multi kills or sprees but I don’t know exactly how. YouTube might be able to show you if you can find it. Sorry I couldn’t be more specific. I haven’t played ps4 Ina while.

They mod their system by creating a program the the real ps4 program runs in. It’s like the harddrive hacks 360 had where you run a simulated system shell over the actual game to get access to things you shouldn’t be able to. Like those onyx guns in BL that are worth 9999999999999999999

Just takes the fun away. Fair enough on a single player game but competitively, why?

Are you sure he wasn’t standing by Kleese rifts. Makes you pretty close to invulnerable.

One of. Few reasons. They want to piss others off. They really want to win. Or they’re bored and have nothing better to do.

So that’s how these bozos are doing it?. I thought Sony said they were taking steps to like shield the HD or something from being manipulated. Well now I know.

And yeah ps 4 has had a horrid run with some just bonkers stuff lately. Some is the developer just screwing up, - Ubisoft and the division…I’m looking at you- or just guys exploiting like they do in Diablo three. Gonna happen, consoles seem to be a bit safer then the pc but who knows how long that’s gonna last if Vizards right. Could get a whole lot more common.

No shield is immune it just momentarily delays attacks. Thinking it is only means you’re even more ignorant of its weaknesses. Titanic for example

Not that I didn’t assume it was possible. Just never realized how bloody simple it was to get around. Thx for the heads up @Vizard I better keep my eyes a bit more open from now on I suppose.

Nope he dived several times with kleese being dead and his shield stayed MAX while he dived solo hitting anyone who got too close as well as the sentry at first i thought it was a lag glitch cause after about 30secs or so he’d die but he continued to do it over and over chipping away at the sentry and it would appear only shield pene and the sentries snipe (which i assume has some shield pene) would damage him, besides that he was Invincible. Freaking Madness. and i’ve played quite a many games first time i seen something so broken.

Np. But I felt more people have attacked Sony bc they claim it’s harder to crack. I myself enjoy a challenge and if I could I’d hack to just prove I can but not use the hacks. Maybe even make money doing so by getting some of that bug bounty cash.

If there’s anything else you want to know ill see if I can help.

Makes it even worse when alot of the issues existed in the beta and nothing was done about it before release.

It’s a bug, not a hack. There is a legendary gear called Sentinel Switch or something like that. It’s a wrench that gives you discount, generates credits on it own and IS SUPPOSED to give tier 3 buldables you build increased shield recharge rate. Instead, it gives this shield recharge rate to you for each tier 3 buildable you built, and bugs even harder when you have something like 6 of tier 3 buildables, as your shield recharge delays is compltetely removed and you are just recharging shields permanently.

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