Really confused about weapon parts

I was looking at a table of grips, elements, and barrels of Ravager Torgue shotguns. My understanding was that only one part matters, and that is that part that adds the prefix such as “Casual.” Is it even possible to get a “Hard Casual Ravager?” What would ultimately give me the MAXIMUM damage on a casual Ravager, aside from the casual prefix?

As far as I know a weapon can only have one accessory (or none) therefore a hard casual ravager is not possible, also because hard is a pistol’s prefix.
Damage is also augmented by the grip: in your case you should look for a ravager with torgue grip, since torgue grips raise damage on their own and there’s a damage increase if you match grip and weapon brands.

Thank you! So if I get a purple op8 casual Ravager with a Torgue grip, it physically cannot be any more powerful? (aside from maybe the Juicy variant, but that’s a bit different.)

As far as card damage goes, no it can’t get higher than that.
At least it shouldn’t… :flushed:

Thank you! I didn’t know if the card damage was randomly generated or completely set based on the weapon parts.

Do you know if Rock is amazing or not? Some people talk about it like it’s the best.

I forgot: casual increases the pellets count while sinewy increases (also) damage; a sinewy ravager with torgue grip has the highest card damage possible.

Due to the two extra pellets and grenade buffs of the Casual, isn’t its damage ultimately the best though?

Depends on how many pellets hit. Sinewy has a small reload boost as well as a damage bonus, and probably more accurate too. Casual has VERY low accuracy, meaning some pellets may not hit the target. For big bosses, Casual is your best bet, but don’t overlook Juicy.

All in all though if you want the highest potential damage per trigger pull without hitting crits casual is what you want.

Correct. The prefix comes from the accessory and there can only be one.

@adamplaga: this is how gun parts are broken down:

  • The barrel determines the name of the weapon. In this case, it’s the Torgue barrel that gives it the name Ravager.
  • The accessory gives it the prefix. For Casual, it’s the vertical grip at underneath the main grip.
  • The other grip determines the damage, accuracy, and reload speed and mag size with a matching manufacture grip. So if you have a Torgue grip, your Ravager will have a bigger mag and faster reload speed.
  • The stock determines how fast (or slow) the weapon will recover when shot. For Torgue, you want Hyperion because they kick like a mule and that stock helps bring them back down quickly. The one stock you want to avoid is Jakobs because it increases the kickback and how long it takes the gun to get back to its firing position.

Casual Ravagers are great against large enemies or those bunched up together. If you’re looking for something more streamlined for mobbing, go with a Casual Pounder instead. The Pounder is a Torgue shotgun with the Jakobs barrel (double). While it doesn’t do as much damage, it’s a little more accurate and only uses two shots instead of four. As for the Rock, it supposedly has increased critical damage, but doesn’t really perform any different from a non-gemstone Ravager.

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The numbers are calculated from the parts, which determine the name. To add to @Gulfwulf’s post, if the weapon has no accessory but is elemental (excluding explosive) it gets its prefix from that; it it’s non-elemental, it gets the prefix from the grip. That said, Torgue weapons and shotguns between them account for many of the exceptions to the rules - the shotgun parts poster is the best summary anyone can give you.

Every Ravager will have the same barrel, as it’s the barrel that gives it the Ravager name. The Rock prefix is from the gemstone skin and you can only get it by feeding eridium to Buttstallion. It gives you a tiny bit of extra critical hit damage on top of the bonuses from the other parts. If you want a “perfect” Ravager (or at least what the general consensus calls a perfect Ravager), what you’re looking for is this:

  • Casual prefix: It’s the vertical grip accessory that adds two more pellets to every shot.
  • Torgue barrel: It’s always the same and it’s what makes the shotgun a Ravager.
  • Torgue grip: Gives you a little more damage from the grip itself and a faster reload speed/bigger magazine size for matching the grip to the manufacturer.
  • Hyperion stock: Reduces recoil.

This setup will give you the highest damage and best overall performance if most/all of the pellets hit the target. You’ll need to be point blank or use it against a big target for that to happen. If you’re not planning on being that close to the enemy all the time, there are other prefixes that could work just fine, such as Sinewy (general boost), Potent (accuracy) and Juicy (crit damage). The sight is completely irrelevant and down to personal preference, but I personally prefer a Torgue sight on all my shotguns. Basically, the Ravager you want looks like this:


I’ve got to say, it is one scary-looking shotgun when viewed from the wrong end!


God, i wish i had that exact Ravager.