Really Crapped Out on Character Outfits this game

I found borderlands 2 way better for outfits


I feel the same, there’s not really enough heads, and most of the skins don’t let you change the colors as much as you’d hope. The best ones to me overall are the ones that have glowing parts as you can really notice the coloration change there, while with most others barely anything changes.

Yeah I’d really like to se more heads and skins. I’m not sure how hard it is to “code in” for a game though

Either way would like to see more

Personally, I’d like to see one or two actually different outfit variations for each character.

And the palette selection needs to work better with many of the skins. That alone would put them on par with BL2, which had way too many minor colour variations.

My biggest disappointment is Zane’s head with the top hat having dark hair instead of his usual white/grey. It totally screws up the Uncle Sam look.

tbh the gun skins are frustrating me alot more we haven’t had any since last year

im with you on the outfit variations , i wanna be able to dress my toon different

I was expecting outfits to be in the game if for no other reason than the future microtransaction potential.

I thought there’d be a steady stream of new ones. But I can understand if Gearbox has more important things on their plate.

Yeah, I want to see some skin type that drastically changes the look of the body, like a coatless Fl4k that shows their robotic body underneath. I believe there is concept art of that even though we never get to see it. Also, really surprised Fl4k doesn’t have more animal/monster based heads for Fl4k since they are a beastmaster I figured they would wear that sort of thing.