Really disgusted with the PS-4 community quitting matches

Before they are even started. Got in a match with my 2 sons trying to play capture, waited 15 minutes and watched as people would join the team, leave, then join again, then the other team would have a few players join, then they would leave…on and on and on. Waited 20 minutes with them and never got a match, so we left and turned off the PS-4. We need cross platform play or something. There is just not enough people playing anymore, and the ones that are playing leave before the damn match even starts! Grow up and quit leaving matches people…maybe then que times would not be stupid long.

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this bothers me also. i think people are trying to get “better” higher ranked teammates to "’ insure a win,. it needs to be penalized to stop it. 5 minute timeout from public ques sounds good.

I still think that one of the things that could/would benefit Battleborn, would just to be removing the Command Ranks of players on display…
Therefore, no one is judging each other pre-game, and it might help queues…

I don’t think penalising players however, could/would help queues, given how they are currently delayed already, we need to encourage play, not discourage it…

However, given how long it takes to get a match these days (20-30 minute plus queue in some places), I don’t hold it against anyone when they leave the queue, who knows how long they have been waiting…

But I do also wish for the above reason, that players would just take what they can get, be patient and hold strong…
Improvements can certainly still be made with match making… It’s heaps of fun, when one can actually get into a full match.


They mentioned they wanted to do this, but havent heard anything about when. It doesnt seem all that involved so i would think a hotfix could change it, but i have no experience in programming so no idea. If a patch is required its gonna be a few weeks at the earliest

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I’m from Australia and have terrible server issues. I’m constantly getting kicked from matchmaking and having to re-queue. This happens around 4-5 times before it’ll keep me in the queue. Then I have to deal with, more often than not, getting kicked after the game has found 10 players and is trying to connect to a dedicated server. I’ll have to rejoin the active game and hope that no one has cracked it with me for disconnecting and has already left the game. I’ve literally rejoined at the character select screen to see that all 9 other players have already disconnected. So before you get too disgusted, please remember that some of us aren’t disconnecting by choice.

I’d like to remind people that yes the server has issues but it may also be your connection sometimes. Just putting that out there :slight_smile:

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It’s not my connection running at 63.27 megabytes per second. People are leaving once they see the command ranks. People are leaving for d/c issues, fine, but when 25 to 30 people leave in a span of 15 minutes? That many people disconnecting? Nope.

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yeah but although there are exceptions, it is really consistent that premades beat pugs and high levels beat the low levels

sad but true and you learn it pretty quickly

gbox should form normal lobbies of a mix and divide them up once the lobby is full

nobody has time to waste losing matches more than necessary. nobody is playing to be farmed by premades or high levels. so they bail, and will continue to bail, until the incredible bad matchmaking/lobby system works better

gbox could also add a “catch-up” handicap to the losing team to keep matches more equal

Bborn can easily waste a gigantic amount of your time on negligible progress. Since the grinds are so long and boring, nobody has time to make it go slowly.

welcome to the reality of skinner box motivations

Couldn’t agree more. The players disconnecting is a problem, but still a symptom of the source. Matchmaking is currently broken as hell, and while I don’t personally leave games, I don’t blame other people who do.

I haven’t had issues with that as frequently this week, to be honest. But I primarily get faced against other level 100’s, with the occasional low level in their party…
I wish you better luck, sir/ma’am.