Really enjoying this "farming" event

Killing Pain about 350 times so far and getting 2 legendary mods both for the wrong class has been incredible.


Ouch, bad luck/RNG.

Have you tried Katagawa Jr.? I had him drop a mod all but 1 time for me, where Pain only dropped it once. Both were done 5 times.

I did Katagawa for a few hours. Pain is a lot easier to kill for me. I have a Butcher with corrosive. :slight_smile:

Katagawa is sometimes easy , most likely due to a bug. I noticed if i hit the generator he is on at the right time , it results in a insta kill.

Luckily for Gb , sadly enough for me , i am bad at timing and it usually is luck :slight_smile: so most fights take some time :frowning:

The one time I’ve killed him (this morning), he dropped a couple leg class mods.

P&T dropped greens and blues over a half dozen kills.

While this may be a statistical anomaly, P&T wasn’t putting out for me.

That’s RNGesus at work… Lol

Have yet to see a single legendary drop after 20 Killavolt kills. What did they mean by increased chance for drop? I need a brainstormer for my elemental build.