Really gear box you had to be greedy

So all the new skins and taunt they said the would give us is only available to purchase with a micro transaction wtf over watch has micro transactions but you can unlock skins without paying for it. I really want a refund now Iv been waiting for these skins so I could grind and get them but now your saying I have to buy them to use them hell no I spent 80$ on this game and no I really want a refund and just wont go back to it. The one thing I wanted was to get new skins not waste more money on this dying game gearbox has slapped everyone in the face with battleborn multiple times but fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me fool me 3 times screw you and give me a refund.


I completely agree with the Overwatch point. That’s one of the few things I like about the game, the fact that you can work hard and still get everything other people can.
I don’t really agree with the refund thing. I realize you’re upset (hell, I’m livid because I pre-ordered the DD edition), but a refund isn’t really the answer. GBX is most likely getting pissed on by 2K to make more money or something and this was probably all their idea. GBX themselves have tried to take the community seriously (mostly) and work towards accommodating most of their requests… but yea I’m pretty f**king pissed about this micro-transaction crap.


But that’s not what’s going on. We still get what we paid for. They are just giving us the option of buying more stuff. What is wrong with having the option to buy something.

Some people like being able to buy customizations that don’t have an effect on your gameplay.

The microtransactions aren’t what you are making them out to be.


Well I stand by wanting a refund they did this ■■■■ with evolve and I fell for it once and had a gut feeling it would turn out the same way since 2k is involved now I know if it has 2k in it just to pass. But yeah still wasting 80$ on the deluxe I had high hopes but trying to make me pay for these skins that yet again they worded poorly for like the 5th time should have been free unlockable skins not micro transactions LIKE THEY PROMISED THEY WOULDNT ADD!!! they stated they wouldn’t ass micro transactions.

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Where? Show me one place this was stated. Pretty certain there isn’t one.

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It’s still a major part of the game and if we don’t we’ll only have access to 10 skins and maybe 5 or 6 taunts per character and the skins are only bi-color swaps. Purple and black is awesome, but it’s extremely lame in comparison.

Games are changing. Most average players would be unable to unlock all the skins through hard work anyway.

Why not have a completely optional area for these players to improve their experience? It does not hurt your experience to not buy something.

But why is gearbox greedy? They are a company and out to make a profit.

Using false statements and derogatory comments about the developers is counterproductive to the community.

1 Like this is the best I could find but I’m digging Iv seen it in a few place them stating and telling they wouldn’t do micro transactions why else do you think everyone is mad?

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They never said they will not add miscrotransactions. In fact, they stated that at some point they will add them, and they did it even BEFORE the game original release. You’re making a fool of yourself with such claims.

In the very article you presented, if you’ll read carefully, you’ll find that microtransactions in question are character-related, which means buying characters for money. There is no cost in platinum to unlock Alani yet, so that promise is still not broken. Not that I would care if they will introduce a platinum key sale or whatever.

You are mad because you are clueless about this kind of stuff and just itching to snap without giving everyting a proper thought.


I said 2K probably put them up to it because they are a company and companies are there to make a profit. Also, the average player most certainly could do what they do in Overwatch. You play games, rank up, get a loot box which has a random chance to give you gear. If we’re talking about people who only play Candy Crush or something… yea, they’d just buy it. I could understand if there were a few skins/taunts that were available through purchase, but ALL of them?! No, that is ridiculous. I am a college student and money is extremely tight. I would suggest they add a number of these cosmetic items to commander packs and allow people at rank 100 to continue earning packs because being stuck with red/blue, purple/black, white, blue is and insult to the community that has always backed them up and stayed loyal.

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This makes me very angry since I bought the season pass. I was promised new characters, new levels, new SKINS and TAUNTS that I already paid for. Instead of working on the content I paid for and invested in they come up with micro transactions. As a season pass owner I have only gotten one piece of content (Alani) that everybody ended up getting. They should give us season pass holders our content since we have already given them money. They should make a way to grind for these skins that cost platinum. I would also like to note how the super cool skins are the ones that are made micro transactions.


Nope, I can’t. What I can is use google to instantly find this article, which clearly stated that cosmetic microtransactions were indeed in order BEFORE the game release:

So, your snapping at the developers right now makes 0 sense. Literally none. You were told there would be microtransactions. Before the game released. You have no right to moan about it now when it happened just as they said it will.


Your logic:

I go to the movies,

Pay for a ticket,

Watched the movie in full

Reation: its bad to you almost toward the end or halfway in

It ends,

Ask for refund and told no.

Just saying your logic is flawed

Your first 2 sentences have aboslutely no relevance to these microtransactions lol… I don’t know what “average players” you’re talking about, but it doesn’t take a genius to open a ■■■■■■■ lootbox dude. T2 skins were never supposed to be locked behind microtransactions. Having this as an ADDITIONAL option would be absolutely fine, but the fact we can’t unlock them any other way is both stupid and technically a lie. It was NEVER implied that these would be locked behind microtransactions and the fact that these skins/taunts not only arrived much later than we were told/expected, but oh hey guess what, you HAVE to buy them if you want them. Sure, doesn’t mean you have to buy them, but that’s not at all the point. NOBODY is satisfied with a half assed color change…I didn’t put 200 hours into this game to have a ■■■■■■■ purple skin that looks the same as all the other ones. They promised better cosmetics, then ■■■■■■ us by locking them behind a pay wall.
All this on top of the fact that the PC playerbase is now at an 800 average per day…I wanna cry. LOVED this game and had high hopes. It’s falling apart right in front of me. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ll be playing overwatch mostly now. I’ll neve give up on you battleborn/gearbox, but tell your ■■■■■■ marketing team to wake up!


Yeah like I get this game is dying but me and a lot of other people spent 80$ we had high hopes for this game that’s why we spent money on the season pass on the digital deluxe version giving more money then anyone else and how are we treated?? Very poorly that’s how and sorry we are entitled when you invest in something you expect to get stuff for what you paid for and I spent good money and for what did I get? Really charging money for the 2 skisn instead of making them unlockable like over watch if they did that I wouldn’t be made but you cant you have to buy tier 2 skins. This is turning into evolve all over again that is all I need to say to shut anyone up is evolve was a 60$ full price game and they ■■■■■ it with micro transactions and look how that game died.


You don’t spend $60-$80 to go see a movie.


Absolutely correct. And I’m not sure Xardas and I have ever agreed on anything, lol.

They said back in November that microtransactions had been considered. It was definitively stated in March:

"we will continue to release even more cosmetic customizations post-launch – some of which we will sell in-game

People have chosen to ignore the evidence then scream about vague promises to the contrary that never actually happened

I have no problem if people don’t like microtransactions, but don’t sit here and say we were promised they wouldn’t happen, which is BS.


You can get a refund if you walk out half way threw a movie…

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yeah dont forget a game is an interactive content versus something to just watch

We all expected microtransactions…
What we didn’t expect, was having the long awaited T2 skins be completely locked behind a pay wall after it was fully implied they would be available through lootboxes. I literally only purchased the season pass for the skins/taunts.