Really gearbox, really

I really don’t like the story but i keep hearing how awesome Moze is

When the game trailer first dropped she was my first choice. IB looked really awesome. I played Sal in 2 and IB gave me the chance to dual weild weapons if only for a little bit.

Then the game dropped and i realized IB ws just in a bad spot.

Now i have to go through the story all over again just to get into the mayhem levels. I really wish the story just wasn’t so bad that i could look forward to playing it.

But it looks like if i want to run a good moze i just need to complete normal


I’ve completed new characters start to finish in a new campaign 36 times so far. I think newgame is the strongest aspect of BL3 imo.

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I’ve done it for nine of my own characters, tagged along for several of my friend’s, and only slightly fewer times through TVHM. Thinking about doing a third Fl4k. Playing through the game and the DLC quests is really the best part.

they cut so much content that made the story suck, honestly it might be so bad its killed the bl lore for me

I really don’t think this needs a whole thread.