Really gearbox?

Soooo let me get this straight… you bring in the cartel event and all these new anoints. One of the best for zane being the 150rad dmg under 50%hp… but you bug the redistrubuter from dropping along with other takedown dedicated weapons … so we complain about it and you “fix” it … but only everything except the redistributer which STILL!!! does not drop in m10 takedown … and now you are taking away the new annoints along with the cartel event befor ever fixing the redistributer which might be fine for people on computers that can save file but completely screws up console players… since the new annointments have been added i have farmed the takedown on M10 over 100 times to try and get a redistributer with the new annoint. Spent hours on hours on days on days . And now you’re takeing them away befor fixing the drop so we just cant get a viable m10 one with these annoints ever . This is the only game i really play. I have everything from bl3 hoodies,jackets , alarm clocks, socks. Action figures ect. Im littlerly a super fan of this franchise since the release of the first BL but this really kills my desire to even want to play after you invest so much time on something they dont fix and the. Decied they are going to get rid of it befor the even bother to allow you to make all your wasted time farming a bugged item with apprently limited timed annoints worth it. Sorry for the rant but this really just makes me sick

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