Really hope they don't just keep nerfing things into oblivion

I like to play these types of games specifically because they tend to avoid doing it as much as a PVP game does.

Nerfs are no fun for anyone and generally ruin things entirely. I haven’t played FL4k yet but not sure I want to atm after nerfs. , but more importantly they absolutely gutted King’s and Queen’s Call with the combined nerf to the guns themselves and the jacobs nerf(which also seems stupid to me, Jacobs are supposed to hit hard) which made them much worse. I haven’t even used them since I was playing on Amara but now I have no interest in trying them.

I’m not going to mention what I like to play with now in fear of nerfs, but if what I’m fearing does happen. I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep playing at this rate. I really can’t stand nerfs.


If you have a physical copy I recommend deleting the game, reinstalling, and going offline…Unless you are playing zane since he got a buff.

But yeah, scared of sharing my builds as well.


The problem with that is that if you uninstall and play offline, you also lose bug fixes and some of the good changes.

We really shouldn’t have to pick between having our favorite weapons and builds ruined and quality of life fixes and bug fixes.


He’s the thing. Gearbox know how they want their game to play. I believe that includes a variety of viable builds and gear, rather than a single item or skill?

They’re bringing things that they missed in line with that vision.

Aren’t there currently more buffs than nerfs, to make those other skills and items more appealing?


Bingo. So many weapons were improved that the only people who are missing out are the ones who are unwilling to be creative and experiment.

I only play Moze but was pleasantly surprised with the impact the minor buffs had on the night hawkin. I rarely used smgs previously, however, I’m now finding myself keeping an eye out on some smg dmg boosting gear. Previously/currently I run 2 faisors, 1 lucians call, and a lyuda but the overall changes were a step in the right direction. Thank you Gearbox for your tenacious and swift actions!


I suppose so.
But I just hope they treat us like a good DM (DungeonMaster) and let us enjoy things.
If you’ve ever heard of DND almost nobody likes it when a DM is too strict. Sometimes players play a way the developers don’t want, sometimes it needs to be controlled, other times they need to allow the player to have their fun.

Not everyone enjoys the same thing and same playstyle and they need to recognize that.

Give us intelligent Ai, unique challenges, Creative gameplay rather than Strict gameplay.

I feel like this is the only analogy I can use at this point because I’ve exhausted myself trying to prove a point.

I am still of the opinion that enemies, and bosses have way too much health.


On balance there have been more buffs than nerfs. It’s early, but I’m hoping that will be the trend. Time will tell.

Is not really about comparisons with PvP or Meta, I think that ultimately, the more ways there are to feel badass, the better.


And yet, there are a ton of things in the rulebook, which the writers of which keep updating, that you’re not allowed to do.

Don’t use DnD as a comparison to balancing video games, here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d understand more if Gearbox had put in more than, like, four nerfs in the entire hotfix changelog, but they haven’t. They need to nerf the outliers - the overperforming skills - because otherwise they can’t actually see what’s underperforming.

Then perhaps fighting games suit your fancy?
The most balanced fighting game in the world also happens to be the worst one.
Fighting games often need months if not years for a proper understanding of the game to emerge before meaningful and good nerfs/buffs can be made.
I mean seriously all games have a meta develop, things get nerfed something even more op then the last shows up gets nerfed, the devs stop buffing and nerfing, everyone uses only the one newfound op build because the dev’s didn’t know what they’re doing.

We need buffs not nerfs, people will always flock to the most powerful build it is just how people work. You need to give incentive to try other things, let the game sit, let them find op things, let them get bored of the op and try new builds then balance.

They just simply need to stop nerfing so often, nerf no more than once every 3 weeks, let the game have some breathing room, let the players have fun.


You got buffs, and there were a few nerfs. To focus on the nerfs to the exclusion of all else isn’t fair to Gearbox.


and nobody likes players who exploit things or do things lazy

The main issue with the nerfs is the time and effort gamers took to acquire the gear only for it to be gutted suddenly. Imagine having to to drop a Jakobs AR to make room for a Queens Call in their very limited inventory…only for Gearbox to nerf the Queens Call and Buff Jakob’s ARs.

Gearbox needs to give us more warning becuase they are acting like they never made a Loot RPG before currently. They should expect a large backlash if they announce a hotfix and implement it hours later. The least they can do is give us 24 hours to make a back up so the transition is somewhat seemless.


Except that this is how they’ve always done hotfixes. A developer shouldn’t have to expect a “backlash” for updating their game. A “backlash” is something that shouldn’t be normalised, otherwise it loses its impact for something like a major game being completely broken on release (see: Arkham Knight) vs. a developer changing the balance of some grindable weapons in a game that gives you a billion of them.


Incorrect… gamers are following the rules the developers set for them. This isnt an exploit and when Gearbox nerfs items they are wasting people’s time. They have an obligation (since they are the ones that messed up, not the gamer) to make it a painless as possible.

Gearbox are not children, they are grown adults. They dont need safe spaces, to be coddled, or too have everything sugar coated to them. At the end of the day they are here to provide a service. Customers have a right to express thier thoughts on how they are providing that service.

The way they are implementing hotfixes is amateur at best. If they dont want backlash, stop doing dumb things.


Hot fixes are the best path to final solutions… Otherwise they would need to set up test servers in order to avoid risking breaking the game worse in the process of fixing it.

As there are no test servers, or even servers on their end at all (because the games that successfully pull off cross platform play all use their own servers and gearbox is sitting here waiting for Microsoft and Sony to do it for them) we can either go along with hot fixes or tell them it’s fine to have the game brick our consoles and etc instead…

I’m not in the latter camp.

I think the rage of the people does not only spring from the nerf topic in general.
Most people perceive this ‘balance’ hotfix as poorly executed.
Why nerf GITM and not Unblinking Eye? That would have been so much better, because it would not harm FL4Ks mobbing abilities so much.
Why only nerf FL4K? There are videos on youtube which show invincible Amara builds which can kill bosses within 1! second.

And in addition: Youtubers show, that with the buff of the Lyuda FL4K can even faster kill bosses now. So this nerf thing was absolutly in vain and punishes casual players which like to go mobbing with FL4K.


Yeah because it is easier to sell to a mindless grinder.
“Pride and accomplishment” of grinding for a single character in starwars battlefront, gee the players must have been soo lazy not going and no lifing the game to try and get something.
Because the drop rate nerf improved the game quality so much for those of us that can only play a few hours a day. It is so fun farming troy on end with his invincibility phases, and mediocre loot to difficulty ratio. /S

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Agreed, but this needs to come in the way of buffs more often than nerfs.

That’s the case already, isn’t it?